15 creative ways to decorate your home wall

Suppose you are looking for ideas to decorate your home with handmade items that are both simple and beautiful and make your home space change significantly. In that case, the wall decoration samples in this article are the answers for you. 
A. Decorate the wall with paint
Wall painting is a basic method of decorating and renovating old walls to bring long-term effects, you can refer to the following wall decoration ideas:

1. Paint the walls with contrasting colors
To get an eye-catching decorative wall, what you need to prepare is interior paint and an afternoon to paint the wall. Jesus and lion canvas
Choosing the right color is very important because the wall is the highlight of the whole house.

Choose a paint color that goes well with all the other colors in the space.

If the current paint color is a warm tone, then you should choose a cool color for the wall decoration.

Be careful with neutral tones, as pale tones can make your walls lose connection with the whole house.

2. Paint the wall with a raw material effect
Imitation marble or wood imitation paint is no longer popular for home wall decoration, but metallic paint or concrete effect paint is still a trend.

However, make sure you try these methods out on plasterboard before applying them to your entire wall.

This will give you a chance to see if this is the right style for your home.

If you really want, you can refer to the tutorial on how to do this technique to perfect the skill before applying it to decorative walls.
3. Paint the pattern on the wall
If wall art is beyond your reach, with a thin sheet of paper or mica wall art you can change the look of any room.

The newly updated wall painting patterns are extremely beautiful and easy to use. With just one wall paint mold, you don’t even need to repaint your walls.

Instead, you just need to add a little color according to the existing template. Wall murals are a great way to add decorative accents to a wall without overwhelming the room with color and pattern.

Paint the wall with an Art Nouveau pattern
You will not need to think of big ideas to get a satisfactory wall decoration.

The most popular trend today for decorative frames is neutral colors. Using muted colors as the background, you can use patterns to your heart’s content to create a wall decoration with a modern or classic style.

B. Covering and pasting walls with decorative materials
To get the walls to look classy you don’t always need to paint. Although painting is the most common and traditional method of decorating, painting is not always easy and not everyone can do it.

Painting a room is messy, and time-consuming, and the complexity increases when you paint the ceiling, paint the furniture or paint the walls.

So why not choose other less complicated decor materials for your walls?

The current wall decoration materials are very diverse in texture and have many prices for you to choose from:

04. Self-adhesive wallpaper
Short-term wallpaper is gaining popularity and is a pocket-friendly option. Also known as glue-free wallpaper, this product can be easily removed without the need for a lake or water.

If you want to change your style often then this is the option for you.

Areas that should use self-adhesive wallpaper are your living room, bedside wall decoration, and a room that does not have many accents from the original architectural design.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes can make your ceiling look higher and horizontal stripes will make your room look bigger.

If you like modern or classic wall decor, choose the pattern to match it. You can also use self-adhesive wallpaper in many other ingenious ways to upgrade your living space. Don’t limit yourself with monotonous decorative details, because you can use this wallpaper to decorate the back of a bookshelf or right behind a shelf and make your home more alive than ever. end.

05. Wooden Pallets for wall decoration
Raw wooden pallets always make your interior space stand out. With this material, you can add moss to your home easily and economically.

This decorative pallet wood wall can help you create a warm space without much effort.

Raw wood materials are really not picky about space. You can apply this material to the common room or to the living room.

You can also use this material for her torso for a kitchen island, for a bar, or on the back wall of any cabinet in your home.

06. Antique imitation brick and foam wall stickers
Raw brick wall decorations are eye-catching and can change the whole look of your home.

You can use raw brick on the wall to bring a rustic touch to the space.

This is a popular way to decorate old house walls, but this method costs more money and effort than other ways.

If you really like this style but don’t have the time or the economic ability, you can consider the fake brick wall material to create accents for your wall.

The beauty of the decorative raw brick wall
The beauty of the decorative raw brick wall
Styrofoam imitation brick is a decorative way to save you money as well as time and effort
Styrofoam imitation brick is a decorative way to save you money as well as time and effort
Newly released foam wall stickers on the market can both bring elegance, luxury, and modernity to your living room and have many textures for you to choose from.

C. Top 9 unique and easy ways to decorate old house walls
With a little creativity, you can break out with decorating methods that are both easier and more beautiful than painting, tiling, or pasting paper.

Right here, you’ll see 9 real-life examples of homeowners who found clever, creative ways to decorate empty walls without spending a single drop of paint or a brush. Not only does that help provide variety in decor, but it’s also a great way to hide imperfections like screw holes or moldy stains on the walls.

7. Decorate the wall with printed photos
You can easily create an inspirational wall to your liking from magazine photos, family photos, or photos of yourself.

If you still have a large number of digital photos that you want to display, then print them all out and make a giant wall of your own printed photos.

Arrange your unique photos in the same order as building bricks to create an interesting, new feeling, and remember to print the pictures in the same size or arrange them staggered.

A photo wall is a way to save memories
A photo wall is a way to save memories
Do not use clear tape to stick pictures on the wall, but instead use more convenient and colorful decorations such as Washi tape, it has better adhesion and is easy to replace without leaving marks on the wall.

What is the cost of this? It all depends on how much you pay for your printer ink.

If you have a collection of unused postcards, you can also use them to decorate in this way.
8. Large canvas wall hanging
There are many ways to use decorative fabric for the blank wall of your home. This is also a small renovation trick that creatively covers cracks and molds on the walls.
In this real-life example, an ugly wall with lots of stains was subtly covered with this trick with just a curtain. You do not need to be too fussy with the use of curtain rods, simply pin the fabric directly to the wall.

If you want to save money on fabric purchases? A small tip for you is that plain fabric bed sheets are usually cheaper than fabric bought by the meter.

9. Decorate your wall with hangers
To make this cool and cute home wall decoration, you don’t need to be a skilled craftsman or a professional designer.
Remember to always choose the hanger that best suits the weight of each piece of art you want to hang. Regardless of the size of the artwork you want to hang, you should use two clips to hang each work, that will help the work to be more balanced and stable.
According to the common practice in museums and exhibitions, you should hang work at a height of 135 cm above the ground. It’s the perfect spot to focus your eyes on your handmade wall art.

10. Wall decorations
Choosing a simple modern wall mural will make your room more lively and attractive, and attract more people’s attention. The wall paintings will contribute to creating more depth, completing the texture and connection of the room.
A basic rule you need to remember is that when you want to hang many pictures on one wall, remember to hang them about 5-8 cm apart. If you want a softer effect, nature-inspired textures such as trees or clouds are the perfect choice to help highlight the material in your room.
11. Canvas wall art
With its popularity and versatility, you can easily find canvas art in many online furniture stores.

However, if you want rk at a reasonable price, express your personal style rather than the mass products of the stores.

You can still design your own unique canvas-style work at home by choosing your favorite images (be it family portraits, memorable travel memories, or funny drawings of children).

D. Conclusion
Today, art is a lot of things and can be anything. The beauty of each work of art depends on the perspective of each person.

Like installation art, wall art requires you to have the skill to creatively combine separate objects together. 

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