5 Tips for Hearing Athlete for an Appearance

Do you want to make your event a huge success? Do you want it to be the talk of the town? You must get a celebrity to appear at your event. It will cause a dramatic increase in your footfall and will attract more and more potential investors, thereby increasing your sales and needless to say, improving your business prospects.

If you want a celebrity athlete to appear in your event, here are a few tips for the haring athlete for an appearance that you must keep in mind.

Free Appearances are a Strict No

Regardless of whether you are hosting a conference, a business meeting for sales, annual meetings, seminars, charities, parties, or grand openings, you have to follow a few rules while hiring a celebrity. Firstly, remember time is money. So, do not make requests for free appearances or charities. Celebrities spend a lot of money to come to an event.

They have to pay for their wardrobes, makeup, limos, hairstyles, and even personal security. Running a business for so long, you must know it is not easy to get anything for free in this world. That is why you need to consider the expenses of the celebrity and offer them a good deal if you want them to make an appearance at your event.

Always Have Options

Always create the event first and look for a celebrity athlete who can appear for it, instead of choosing the athlete first and then starting an event around him or her.

Often, you will notice that contracts usually have a clause where the celebrity has the power to reschedule or even refund the advance at their own discretion. You will have no option but to honour these clauses but it can be a loss for you.

You might have already booked the venue, hired caterers, and even have the franchisees coming from all across the country. You need to be flexible and be ready with a few other options.

Even if the situation seems unpredictable for you, you need to be alright with it. So, you must have some alternatives ready according to the event you are having and hire one of them if the other is not available.

The celebrity should be in accordance with your business, with respect to demographics as well as the status they are known for. If local businesses want a celebrity like Oprah, it does not make sense because these businesses will not be able to afford such a star financially and even the demographics will be wrong. Doing a deal like this means you have to optimize all the opportunities and they should be able to add the correct value to your business.

Before going ahead, you must decide on the tentative dates, place, catering service, entertainment, sound, etc. Although you cannot be completely accurate about these things and last-minute changes are sometimes unavoidable, you must be always professional. A star athlete can make time for you with a lot of difficulties, probably after cancelling many other appointments. So, if you create issues with the date after finalizing the contract, it will look unprofessional on your part and you will lose credibility. You might even cost the deal with them. Hence, you must finalize the deal keeping everything in mind.

Check the Sound System

Do you want the star athlete to give or receive an award? Or are you planning a live interview with them or need them to give an outright speech? All of these have one thing in common and that is a great sound system.

Check the sound facilities at the venue but make sure you also arrange for a professional sound company. Nothing will be more regretful or embarrassing if the microphone does not work or disturbs while the event is going on. This is your event so the responsibility is yours. After all, you will also be paying for it so it should be worth the price.

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