5 Under the Radar Clubs in Berlin to Visit in 2023


Berlin is known for its insane nightlife scene. It is not recommended to go clubbing in the German capital. People who claim they party all weekend in Berlin are likely to have done 72 hours of pure madness before returning to work Monday morning. This isn’t a party.

This is why Berlin’s best clubs are some of the most prestigious clubs on the planet. Although you will find stereotypical techno warehouses in Berlin, Berlin is known for its innovation and creativity when it comes to nightlife. Whether it’s squat raves or bunker parties, you will find it in Berlin. Please note that if you plan to visit Berlin in 2023, you will need an ETIAS visa waiver to enter Germany.


Sisyphos Club

This club is for techno and tech-house fans. The club’s outdoor space is labyrinthine and full of abandoned cars. It offers some of the best visuals the Berlin club scene has.

Sisyphos is known for being more tourist-friendly than other large venues. It runs non-stop from Friday through Monday. You can get in quickly if you are willing to wait in line for the morning or afternoon. While line-ups are only sometimes announced in advance, you can get more information from the venue’s website.


Kater Blau

Kater Blau, the successor to the infamous Bar 25, and Kater Holzig is located in Friedrichshain, near Ostbahnhof (a train station once called Schlesischer Bahnhof).

In 2014, the club was established almost in the same spot where people used to dance at Bar 25. The collective was able to acquire the Spree River property with the support of Swiss investors. For the first time in Berlin’s history, the club proved that a sub-cultural institution (and the people) could outbid a large corporation.

Kater Blau is closely linked to the Holzmarkt25 area. This subcultural village is an entry-free zone that is a revolutionary political statement against the displacements and closings of cultural venues throughout the city.

Kater Blau’s two main floors will feature a variety of underground techno, house music, and live performances. Parties are usually held here from Friday night through Saturday afternoon. Then there will be a brief closing time to clean up the area and prepare for the next event, usually from Saturday night through Monday afternoon or evening.


About Blank

We recommend that you visit://about. This venue is well-known in the Berlin underground scene because of its leftist political identity, self-conception, and solid public communication.

It is conveniently located near one of Berlin’s busiest public transfer points, S-Bahn station Ostkreuz In Friedrichshain. This club’s door policy can sometimes be restrictive and challenging to follow. Club leaders attempt to create an inclusive, safe space for all sexual orientations, ethnicities, and genders. This allows them to challenge existing power structures and fight discrimination relentlessly. It is worth it if you have the right attitude and open mind and are willing to try it.

We recommend visiting the park in summer to take advantage of its ample outdoor space and to listen to good electronic music as you lay on the chill beds scattered throughout the garden.


Club De Visionaire (CDV)

This club is only open to summer members and is located under a giant weeping willow. The club has a small indoor dance floor and a wooden-deck terrace overlooking the water. There is also a large jetty that stretches out to the water.

The place is open during weekdays for a beer. But the weekends are when it comes alive with a large crowd of after-hours revelers who come to relax, drink, and dance all day.

Winter parties can now be held at Arena Berlin’s Hoppetosse boat.


Art Club Anomalie

Although you will likely visit this venue to enjoy the techno, don’t be surprised by the fantastic art displayed in the club’s many corners and crevices. There are also sculptures right beside the DJ booth. It’s locally known as “The Dream Factory.” This is the place to be if you are looking for some space to dance. It rarely gets too crowded and always has excellent music.


When it comes to Berlin’s underground electronic music clubs, which attract many tourists and locals year after year, the most frequently asked question is: How do you get into these clubs? We will be addressing this in another blog. However, we have compiled five of the most underrated clubs in Berlin.

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