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One of my favourite science fiction television programs of all time is Star Trek, especially the original series. The series had such wonderful and memorable characters like Captain Kirk and the Vulcan Spock. I was entranced by their adventures to go where no man has gone before, exploring new planets and meeting amazing and strange creatures like the Borgs, Klingons and Tribbles. If you, like me, are a Star Trek fan then why not dress up in a Star Trek costume this Halloween or indeed for any fancy dress event?

There are been five television series and numerous Star Trek movies made since the 1960’s, including the most recent movie, Star Trek (2009), about the early years of the Star Trek crew. You can’t have failed to notice that the uniforms they wear are really important and denote their rank on the Starship USS Enterprise. If you are hooked on the original series, like me, then you might want to wear the gold colored tunic that was reserved for the command crew. Captain James T. Kirk looked rather dashing in this gold shirt with the captain’s rank insignia on the front, black pants and boots, don’t you think? In the 2009 movie, they were true to the original series by keeping the gold command officer’s shirt but they added the Starfleet emblem which is woven crescita personale into the fabric.

If you’re a bit younger than me, you may remember Star Trek: The Next Generation which had Patrick Stewart playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Here the color of the uniform was changed. The tunic became red and black for the command crew and yellow/gold for the operations and engineering crew.

If you favorite Star Trek character was the half-human, half-vulcan Mr Spock then you might want to live long and prosper in the first officer’s blue costume. Mr Spock was easily the most memorable looking crew member with his pointy ears, upswept eyebrows and unique hairstyle. If you wear the Spock costume, don’t forget the Vulcan “live long and prosper” salute. You do this by raising your hand, palm forward and part you fingers between the middle and ring finger with the thumb extended. Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, said that the salute was based on the sacred hand position used by the Jewish Rabbis.

If you are all for girl power, did you know that Nichelle Nichols who played Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, communications officer, in the original series, was one of the first major black characters in an American television series? Nyota means “Star” and Uhura means “Freedom” in Swahili. She wore a rather sexy and very short red dress with black boots and not forgetting the large hoop earrings. 


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