7 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Content Editing Services

“A good editor is someone who cares a little less about the author’s needs than the reader’s.”

― Dene October

Content editing service has always been a noble deed for writers, readers, and market agencies. With content editing, writers’ words are polished, readers get exactly what they want, and marketing teams improve their sales.

But, if the editing isn’t done appropriately, everything will be a mess! Content editing can make your company, but it can also do the opposite! So, content editors must make sure that they avoid certain common mistakes.

This blog will help you identify some significant mistakes content editors must avoid in any written copy.

What are the Mistakes that Content Editors Must Avoid?

1.    Grammatical Errors

Why is wrong with any writer’s grammar?

Read that again!

A writer is an expert when they are in the profession. But, mistakes can happen at any point in time. That is what happened in the first line of this point! So, it is always necessary that the content editors check each thing precisely.

Slight mistakes like missing an article, using wrong tense forms, and excessive use of pronouns can happen at any point in the text.     But, these things mostly tend to be overlooked if the editors do not check each sentence precisely.

A single grammatical error may shake the credibility of a brand. So, content editors must check every line with utmost sincerity.

2.    Spelling Mistakes

How do you spell an animal that gives us wool? It’s sheep! But, at times, the spelling is replaced with ship in a hurry.

Though both the words sound similar, they have entirely different meanings. Imagine using the sentence, “A ship eats grass”!

Writers may, at times, miss a letter in a word or add double letters to a word unintentionally. But, if that is overlooked at the time of content editing, it will lead to misunderstandings.

A company’s identity can be at stake. So, content editors must not overlook the spellings of any sentence. Even machines make mistakes at times. A manual spelling check is therefore necessary!

3.    Factual Error

World War I was fought between 1914-1920, and it caused great damage.

If this goes out from your company, do you know the chaos it will create? Malicious comments will shudder in stating that your company is unaware of the most devastating history.

By the way, what’s the mistake there?

World War I indeed started in 1914, but it ended in 1918. By messing up a single date, readers can accuse your organization of distorting or fabricating history. Do you know how huge that can be?

Your content may be superbly written, but will it be reliable if a fact doesn’t add up to reality at all?

 So, the content editing team must fact-check each piece of information before publication.

4.    Punctuation Misplacement

Do you know the importance of punctuation? They work like magic! You can exclaim, express, emphasize and empathize with punctuations.

But when writers are in a rush, they commonly misplace many such symbols. For example, you’ll sometimes see a comma replacing a complete stop, a semicolon replacing a colon, and a hyphen replacing an em-dash.

Each punctuation mark has its own legit identity. With exclamation marks, the writers intend to surprise or shock the reader. An em-dash has been used as an indication of the speaker’s hesitation. A comma wants the reader to take a mini pause before starting again. But, if these punctuation marks are used haphazardly, it can create a stir.

Content editors must never ignore punctuation marks. They need to ensure that each sentence completes with punctuation appropriate to the context.

5.    Inconsistency

Obviously, writers are experts in their fields. But, even then, mistakes happen. And one common thing among such mistakes is inconsistency.

Inconsistency in content can be of two types-

  • Spelling and abbreviations
  • Writing style

We’ll understand both with examples.

Content editors must ensure that the entire book or written piece has the exact spelling and abbreviation for a name.

For example, if John Brown is written on the first page, the entire content must follow the same pattern. If writers write John once on a page and Brown the other time, it will confuse the readers. Nobody wants that to happen because readers are every writers’ and editor’s priority.

There are various writing styles prevalent across the globe. Some prefer the US writing style, some the UK, some Indian, Canadian, Australian, and numerous others. It is always preferable to use one style throughout the content.

Content editors must ensure the writing style consistency so that the entire piece follows the same writing style. For example, if you start writing with UK spellings and suddenly switch with US spelling, will your company be considered credible?

Content editors have a huge role in determining the consistency of any written piece.

6.    Citation Mistakes

Citations are vital for any written piece. If you have quoted any sentence from any other website, blog, or journal, it is essential to acknowledge it.

Without a proper citation, your piece will be considered plagiarised. But citations come with their own rules.

So, content editors must ensure to get each and every detail of the citation. Everything must be accurate, from the website name to the author, date, and other details.

A wrong citation will lead to a bad impression. And no company can afford that!

7.    No Revision

A content editing team’s work isn’t done after just one check. The content editors must double-check everything before the final publication.

There might be some unseen errors that may come to the forefront during a single recheck. So, the content editors need to be very careful while revising the same content the second time.

If the need arises, the content editors must not hesitate to revise things the third time.

Final Words

Content editing is a crucial necessity before every publication. From assignments to marketing promotions, every piece of content must go through edits. The points mentioned earlier are some major mistakes that content editors must avoid. Acadecraft is one of the best content editing service providers. Companies that want content editing services can seek help from them.

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