8 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing an Online Backup Service

Without a doubt there has been a boatload of new online data backup services coming to the party in the last few years. Having your data at another location far away from your home or office is great protection against data loss due to fire, theft and natural disaster.

With so many companies seemingly offering the same service it can be a bit frustrating when choosing an online backup provider to say the least.

Although most people understand backing up their data to external hard disk drives and DVDs, the process of picking the right online service is confusing.

All online data backup solutions of course include some kind of client software that is installed on your system and runs unattended to transfer your new data to the Top Suffolk County IT Consulting Services.

The main question you must ask yourself is, which of my data do I feel is critical enough to pay to back it up?

Immediately you will find that some online data backup service providers do a much better job of describing what they do and what they don’t do than others.

Some providers just state the basics and leave customers to try to gather more info and fill in the blanks.

The easiest way to separate the great from the average is to simply call the customer service number of the service you are considering and evaluate them
based on these 8 key questions….

Here are the main questions you should ask online backup providers:

1. Stability of the backup service provider? – How long have they been in business? Obviously, the more critical your data is, the more important this factor becomes.

2. Ease of Customer Support? – Give their tech and customer support people a call and see how they respond.

3. Pay monthly or annually?

4. Do you have an unlimited data backup? – Don’t assume that the lowest annual price is the best deal.

5. Location of the backup service? – Is your backup data stored at a facility in Key West, New Orleans, or Houston, or in a facility on top of an earthquake fault line?

6. Are there multiple locations for data storage? – Many online backup services have more than one physical locations in case there is a disruption at one.

7. Will multiple versions of backed up data be kept? – Does the backup service allow you to restore a previous version of a file?


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