A Complete Guide to Athlete Influencer Marketing

Stories of defying all odds and making incredible accomplishments are always loved by all. This is especially true when it comes to sports. Athlete marketing is the beginning of influencer marketing. It is owing to the influence of social media, that athlete-based social media creators have a great reach to impact niche audiences.

Who are Athlete creators?

The athletes who have a strong online presence and the ability to engage smartly with the digital community are known as athlete creators. Athlete creators are also professional sports stars with a number of followers. Some can also be fitness experts with their own set of loyal followers. Athlete creators often use the social media platform to take care of their public image, for publishing new content, give important information to the audience, and launch their own business ventures. These creators can form trends and even influence or guide the consumers’ purchase decisions.

Athlete Influencer Marketing Background

Earlier sports influencers or athlete creators used audio and video advertisements for brand-celebrity partnerships. Athlete creators became masters of their craft even prior to collaborating with any brand or publishing any kind of original content online.

The First Product Endorsement by Athlete

In the USA, brands started getting associated with big-shot baseball players in the 1920s and 1930s. However, this approach did not work because it did not involve the permission of the celebrity. Athlete marketing became a mutually benefitting relationship between athletes and brands much later. With the adoption of radio and television, when broadcasters sponsored their businesses and sports stars via paid advertisements, there was a rise in athlete endorsements. Gradually, such brand and athlete collaborations became more popular for creating such endorsements and gaining the desired attention from many listeners and viewers.

Athletes endorsing the top clothing brands have been quite common. Look at brands like Adidas and Converse which had dealt with the NBA stars. But the one partnership which played the most powerful role was the Jordan-Nike one. In 1985, Jordan and Nike came together for the Air Jordan shoes. Even after 40 years, it is considered to be one of the most renowned and successful partnerships of all time. He posed for various persuasive image advertisements and television commercials which even get decent views on YouTube to date.

Different Kinds of Athlete Creators

  1. Professional Athletes

Almost all the professional athletes are celebrities which also indicates that product endorsements done by them will be paid for. But the plus point is brand awareness resulting from such partnerships will be amazing.

  1. Sports Athletes

There are other entertainment athletes who compete on television live events like the WWE, American Ninja Warrior, and esports. They work with brands which share similar values.

  1. Olympic Athletes

After splendid performances in the Olympics, some athletes become content creators on social media and even engage in brand endorsements. They can form excellent collaborations with international brands as well owing to the worldwide sensation they are.

Other such athlete creators include NCAA athletes, extreme sports athletes, and fitness influencers.

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