Anastasya Khosasih’s Disliked Body Parts

-Anastasya Khosasih’s Disliked Body Parts, Often Become a Bully Netter

Celebrity Anastasya Khosasih was invited by Vey Ruby Jane to collaborate on her YouTube Channel. There, they make truth or drink content.
In that challenge, Anastasya Khosasih was asked about the body part she didn’t like. The sexy woman is apparently insecure with her ass.

“What you don’t like about your body part?” asked Vey

“Buttocks, because there are a lot of stretch marks. But that’s human, right (stretch marks),” answered Anastasya.

Anastasya Khosasih feels that her buttocks are not perfect. That’s why the celebrity with more than 500 thousand followers admits that they often do sports to improve these body parts.

“My ass is ugly, my ass looks like it’s going down, the others are going up,” said Anastasya.

Anastasya Khosasih admitted that netizens often bullied her ass. He wasn’t angry about it either.

However, Vey Ruby Jane defended Anastasya Khosasih from being bullied by the netters. According to him, the lowered buttocks were genuine and hoped that his friend would not have to be sad because of the bullying.

Anastasya Khosasih just found out about it from Vey Ruby Jane. His self-confidence rose again and was ready not to be insecure with the shape of his ass.

“That’s why you don’t comment down, down, down, it’s original,” said Anastasya.

On YouTube Vey Ruby Jane, Anastasya Khosasih also talks about sex fantasies. Then what is the answer?

“Honestly, I’ll answer, I don’t have fantasies with anyone. If I’m with one person, I’ve only imagined it with that person. I don’t have fantasies. have sex),” said Anastasya.

As a celebrity, Anastasya Khosasih was also asked about endorsements. Apparently he used all the stuff he was promoting.

Not a single item was wasted by Anastasya Khosasih when it was endorsed. Because he is the type of person who is not wasted.

“Nothing, I use all of them, I also use the tete cream. It’s like a waste,” concluded Anastasya.

-This is how Anastasya Kosasih’s Celebrity Endorsement Rates

To detikcom, Anastasya Khosasih said that so far the offer to advertise products has gone smoothly. Since being highlighted, he admits that there is only such work.

In the past, Anastasya Khosasih was the type of person who was reckless in taking endorsements. But now as time goes by, he has started to be picky about it.

“Oh, there are (limits). When I first started playing Instagram, I was new, I didn’t understand how fast it went up, there used to be a limit, just not being too picky. Now there are many limits, if I don’t like it, I don’t accept it,” said Anas.

Anastasya Khosasih Knows the Risks of Playing Social Media, It’s No Problem So Fantasy
Anastasya Khosasih currently has strict limits regarding endorsements for one reason or another. He must make netizens believe in the advertised product.

“So now the responsibility is big. If I endorse something that isn’t convincing, I won’t take it. It’s more picky,” said Anas.

Anastasya Khosasih admits that many endorsements have been rejected lately. He does not want to accept offers to promote online gambling websites and untrusted goods.

“Oh, until now it’s like offering twice the rate, I only want the product if I don’t want it, I won’t accept it,” said Anas.

Then Anastasya Khosasih did not hesitate to mention the endorsement rate. On the other hand, he can give free SME products that he feels are good.

“There is a rate, yes, there are dozens. The start from is like starting from Rp. 5 million. Oh yes, if there are MSMEs, I give discounts and even some are free. I saw the online shop too,” said Anas.

At the end, Anastasya Khosasih responded to the competition among celebrities. He felt that they were not meant to be his rivals, because the sustenance had been arranged by God.

“In my opinion, people already have their own sustenance. I don’t consider this a rival,” he concluded.


-Portrait of Anastasya Kosasih, the Girl Who Said Can Make Guys Weak

Anastasya Kosasih recently stole the attention of netizens in Indonesia. Because he has just been reported in foreign media, and is said to be able to make a guy nosebleed.


-Anastasya Kosasih’s Sexy Portrait of a Beautiful Gamer Unifying the Nation, Makes Netizens Restless

JAKARTA, For gamers , the name Anastasya Kosasih is familiar . He is a Mobile Legends (ML) game player. Having a sexy body, gamers call Anastasya a unifier of the nation. So, the unifying symbol turned out to be not only Aunt Ernie. READ ALSO: Vanessa Angel’s sister had a hunch, her sister gave a large amount of pocket money His name is increasingly known to the public after appearing on the podcast of Deddy Corbuzier and several other artists. Most recently, he has also been a guest caster at the MPL Season 8 Grand Finals.

The woman born in 2001 is active on Instagram and YouTube. Apart from being sexy, he also often gives tutorials on playing games.

“Sorry, don’t mean to offend, with the large size (chest) what a lot of teasing,” said Deddy Corbuzier on his podcast.

Anastasya replied casually. “Many are tempting. Starting from the artist, the general public. I do not reply if it leads. Especially if the comments are vulgar,” he said. Anastasya admits that she is used to dealing with men who tease her on social media. He also felt unsexy and always dressed appropriately like the others.

-Portrait of Anastasya Kosasih, the Girl Who Said Can Make Guys Weak

Anastasya Kosasih recently stole the attention of netizens in Indonesia. Because he has just been reported in foreign media, and is said to be able to make a guy nosebleed.

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