Are there any free Papa’s games?

Papa’s Cupcakeria and Papa’s Donuteria are two papa’s games that you can play for free.

Papa’s Cupcakeria

Papa’s Cupcakeria is a new baking challenge! Can you run a wacky dessert shop? This game covers a new baker’s travels. Can you help the protagonist run the shop and gain customers?

Starting at the bottom is typical of this series. Your protagonist slammed into Papa’s car and had to labor at his restaurant to pay for the damages. Running a dessert store in a small snowy town might be difficult. Are you game?

Game rules

Choose your lovely adventure’s hero! Choose James, Willow, or your avatar. You’ll love customizing their eyes, mouth, and haircut. After that, learn to bake!

Can you believe you simply need your mouse? Baking isn’t easy! Use the bottom tabs to switch stations. Can you master cupcake-making? Every training phase must be carefully executed.

Customer orders come first. Always add items in order! Organizing tickets on the top bar helps you keep track of client requests. One mistake might ruin your day score and anger two customers!

Bake! At the batter station, choose cups and flavoring. Fill containers halfway! Next, put them in the oven and cook until done.

Finish your order by adding tasty frostings and toppings at the building station! Did you realize cupcake appearance drastically affects ratings?

As you know, customers make a business. Accurately baking and quickly delivering orders will please your customers! You’ll get loyalty, tips, and daily gaming tickets. Some are pickier. Closers are tough food critics!

After work, the mini-games are a treat. Pizza Pachinko and Saucy Shot are addicting Foodini games. Win new parlor decorations? They’ll keep consumers pleased while they wait for orders. Keep the design fresh or they’ll become bored!

Can you succeed in baking and business? Each grade brings additional elements and customers. You may even upgrade equipment to make your shop the greatest in town!

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