BTS To Dance Minecraft Game

South Korean boy band BTS surprised their fans with a Minecraft-ed performance on YouTube Escape 2021. Here is how fans are thrilled with their avatars.

South Korean boy band BTS gave away some chartbusters and record-breaking shows throughout the year. The band even performed with some award-winning artists and collaborated on various tracks this year. As the video-sharing platform YouTube recently held an annual event, Escape 2021, to recollect all past trends, BTS gave a stunning Minecraft-ed performance on Butter and Permission To Dance.

BTS (Minecraft-ed version) performed in the finale of YouTube Escape 2021. Two days ago, the band announced they will perform at the event and also promised a surprise. The band gave the closing performance at Escape 2021 and thrilled their fans with their first-ever Minecraft-ed video. The video was created by Noxcrew, a creators’ community from across the globe, known for their unique Minecraft. Watch BTS Minecraft performance here.

Ahead of their performance, YouTube gave BTS members’ whole new Minecraft avatars. The avatars were all different from one another and reflected elements of each member of the band: Jin, Suga, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Jungkook. Sharing the avatars, YouTube’s Instagram handle wrote, “@bts.bighitofficial is ready for ESCAPE 2021. are you?? play through the biggest global moments of 2021 ✨ & see @bts.bighitofficial in a whole new way in the finale.”

Netizens react to BTS’ Minecraft-ed performance
BTS has one of the largest fanbases in the entire world, known as ARMY. BTS’ fan ARMY was nothing but thrilled seeing their Minecraft-ed performance. A Twitter user reacted to the video and wrote, “This BTS x Minecraft collab took me by surprise I thought I was dreaming or something assfghgsghnjl that’s how out of everything I’ve.” Another one wrote, “Okay that Minecraft version of @BTS_twt dance better than me hahaha and the performance was so cute.” Here is how BTS fan ARMY reacted to their Minecraft skins and performance.

YouTube surely knows how to say goodbye to a year and this year, the video-sharing platform went an extra mile to do so. The platform hosted a special live stream interactive event, titled Escape 2021, to recount the year. Several content creators joined the event and even celebrated several chartbusters. The 24-hour event took place from December 16 to 17, 2021.

From Minecraft figurines of BTS performing Butter to playful quizzes regarding their iconic butter melting live stream – there’s a lot in store for ARMYs.

The seven BTS members have had a phenomenal 2021 with their smash hits Butter and Permission to Dance; not to forget their historic second-time Grammy nominations, UN speeches, presidential envoy status, record-making Billboard artists, and so much more.

Capturing the K-pop supergroup’s moments in Escape 2021 (a rather similar yet unique version of YouTube Rewind according to fans) was a given. Escape 2021 is divided into three chapters and spread across 24 hours, to keep the momentum going.

Each chapter will be “completely unique,” as stated by YouTube. There will also be a final chapter that is expected to be a bombshell of a surprise for fans.

YouTube teased BTS’ feature with classic Minecraft mugshots of the members on its Twitter account ahead of the live stream. In chapter 1 of Escape 2021, they teased a celebratory Butter performance by the group’s Minecraft version characters at the start of the interactive live stream.

Another interactive thing up their sleeves is quizzes based on the K-pop supergroup. BIGHIT MUSIC’s tactic for live streaming butter being melted, as a part of their promotional activity, was lauded by many. It had millions of fans tuned in for more than an hour just to see what their upcoming release would be.

Playing on the same page, YouTube quizzed ARMYs with fun questions related to butter.

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