Can Rolled Roofing Replace TPO Roofing?

Are you unsatisfied with the cost and complexity of re-roofing your house with TPO roofing or other traditional roofing materials? I think this article has the solution for you! Rolled roofing is the easiest and cheapest roofing material you can get for your low-sloped roof. It is an energy-efficient and low-maintenance alternative to TPO roofing. Comparatively, it is much easier to install and maintain. But before getting into rolled roofing pros and cons, let’s have a look at TPO roofing.

All about TPO Roofing

TPO is a single-ply roofing material or membrane, also called Thermoplastic Polyolefin. It comprises a single coating of reinforcing scrim and synthetics covering the flat roofs. TPO roofing offers a range of options in terms of thickness and width. It is flexible and more resistant to punctures and damage. Also, the white reflective material of TPO roofing makes it energy efficient. Best for the summer season – it can reflect heat keeping your house comfortably cool.

But being new on the market, TPO roofs have not been through enough trial and test. The research is still ongoing to develop long-lasting and cost-effective products. Moreover, the upper part of the TPO roof is laminated. This weakens the material and allows cracking and deterioration over time. Apart from that, contractions and expansions occur in the TPO roofing membrane. It loosens the material near seams and leads to leaks in the roof. Moreover, rainy weather in Nottingham makes TPO roofing even less preferable to roofers in Hucknall.

Why Should You Go for Rolled Roofing Instead of TPO Roofing?

Now that you know some significant disadvantages of TPO roofing, why take a risk and waste your money? Instead, choose the best option available i.e. Rolled roofing. It is the most budget-friendly roofing material on the market. The best part is you can simply roll it out and attach it to your existing roof. Rolled roofing is very easily available in markets and local roofer shops. It is quick and cheap to install and maintain. Besides, it is more adaptable and easier to transport, unlike shingles. Giving the best value for money, it can last up to 15 years if installed correctly.

Types of Rolled Roofing

Rolled roofing provides multiple options at a lower cost compared to TPO roofing. That being said, choosing one material for re-roofing can be difficult. To help you out in selecting the right option for your need, here’s a guide to different types of rolled roofing favoured by expert roofers in Hucknall:

·       Rubber Rolled Roofing

Rubber is the most common and widely used material. You can easily install it on a flat or sloped roof. It is water resistant and can tolerate extreme weather. Moreover, it is one of the best insulators, keeping your home cool. It is extremely durable and lasts longer than you can think.

·       Bitumen Rolled Roofing

Bitumen is an improved form of asphalt roof systems. It is a popular choice of local roofers because of its easy installation method. The seams of bitumen roofing are sealed together to prevent leakage or other damage. The only downside is that it offers a relatively lower lifespan than other materials.

·       EPDM Rolled Roofing

EPDM roofing is another type of rubber membrane roofing. The rubber used is recycled and inexpensive. It is much durable and lightweight. Like other rolled roof materials, EPDM is also easy to install and leak-free.

The Downside of Rolled Roofing

Just like any other roofing option, the rolled roof comes with a few disadvantages. Not being so aesthetically pleasing, they are available in black or white colours only. So, you have limited choices when it comes to the appearance of your roof.

Other than that, durability can also be an issue sometimes. The rolled roofing tends to develop bare spots and lose its grains after a few years of use, i.e., less durable than shingles.

To sum it up, rolled roofing is a much better alternative when compared to TPO roofing. Replacing your TPO roof with it will save you money and effort. Plus, it is much easier to install and will automatically reduce labour costs.

Hire Professional Roofers in Hucknall

Despite the knowledge, finding the right rolled roofing material for your house can be a daunting task. If you are struggling, there are many professional local roofers like MC Roofing Expert for your assistance. You can get expert advice for installing and maintaining all kinds of roofing. So take no hassle, get in touch with the best roofers in Hucknall, and get your roof replaced immediately!

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