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The pharmaceutical industry is a very important industry as they supply medicines to everyone. The pharmaceutical industry is highly profitable and helpful. One of the products that they provide is capsules. Capsules are used for various reasons.

Capsules are very important. Medicine-making brands and businesses that manufacture capsules pay focus. An item of that importance which has a lot of importance can’t be given in plastic bags and needs to have good packaging.

Good-looking packaging can play a lot of roles in the selling of many capsules. Do you want to know how? Well, many pharmaceutical companies make the same capsules having the same minerals. But still, you will observe that capsule of one brand will sell and the other will have few sales.

This will be the main focus of our attention on how will packaging be a help and what attributes should a custom packaging capsules should have in order to get more attention and could help in generating more sales.

We will begin with discussing materials and will end that what extra features can be added as well. In short, we will discuss all the parameters in detail. So, let us begin.

Paying Attention to Materials and Printing

When it comes to making custom packaging for capsules than we have three types of materials. These are corrugated that are rough but provide great strength to the container. Then we have Kraft that is Eco-friendly and easily recyclable. And last is cardboard. This material is used more commonly and more as compared to other materials. The reason for its more use is that they are sturdy and at the same time they have a smooth touch which benefits printing. Selecting the right material for your capsule packaging is very important. Pay attention to materials and printing.

Selecting and using the right material is the first step in making capsule boxes attractive.

Then comes printing. Printing is an important option that is often neglected. As a pharmaceutical company, you cannot ignore the printing option. And when we say about discussing printing, we don’t mean if the color is dark or light. These are small issues. We will see two issues that need to be addressed.

First is the printed information. Information related to the capsule and the brand is important and needs to be mentioned on the box. The price, ingredients, expiry date, quantity, etc. need to be mentioned to educate the buyer on what he or she is getting.

The second is embossing or de-bossing of the logo or the brand name. Although you can emboss or deboss any printed element. It is recommended to use embossing or de-bossing for the logo or the brand name.

Importance of Shapes and Styles

Brand’s capsule boxes can have any shape they want. But it should be justified. Because capsule boxes have mostly rectangular or cubical shapes so we recommend that. The reason is that having an irregular shape will not attract the customer. People will want to use capsules for any purpose and having a unique shape will look unregulated. So, there is no need to have any changes in the shape.

On the other hand, styles can vary. Styles are important for capsule boxes. A box can have a reverse tuck end, straight tuck end, seal end, tuck top, etc. All these are box styles for capsule packaging. Even blister packing can also be used for capsules. Having multiple blister packing in one custom capsule box. so, if a customer can have as many as he wants instead of having unnecessary capsules that might go to waste.

These styles have a different use than what you might think. These styles are there to provide support to the box. for example, tuck ends provide closing strength that will prevent unnecessary opening from that side. 

Careful Analysis of Designing and Finishing

Designing is an important feature of the capsule box. Capsule boxes need to have an attractive design to attract customers. Capsule brands should focus on capsule-specific design. A design that perfectly presents the capsule.

Finishing of any packaging is very important. But because capsules are used for health purposes so they need to have a smooth and good-looking finishing. Finishing will make the box have a soft touch and also make it attractive at sight. When going to choose finishing there can be three types of finishing that you can apply for your custom capsule boxes.

Capsule brands can have gloss finishing that makes the box look shining. They can have matte finishing that makes the printed elements on the box look simple and elegant. And last is spot UV. It is a mixture of the two above-mentioned.

Just think about yourself. Will you prefer a capsule inside a well-finished box? Or will you choose a capsule that is packed inside a box having a rough texture? You would obviously go for the first one.   

Use of Add-Ons

After all important attributes, the use of add-ons cannot be ignored. Capsule boxes can have add-ons like partitions or trays. Add-ons are additional extra features that make the box look attractive. They are not necessary. But their presence can make it look effective. Try having add-ons but don’t stress about them.


Concluding the above discussion there is one thing that needs to be remembered. Custom packaging plays an important role when it comes to making and selling capsules.

For a pharmaceutical brand, it is important that their capsule that may be used for any purpose should sell. There should be a high turnaround rate. And that would happen when the packaging is great.

Custom packaging for the capsule is also important because buying medicine is health-related. If ingredients are not properly mentioned or the expiry date, which plays an important role then the capsule will not sell. In order to have great response custom packaging with all the above-mentioned attributes are a must.

Hope to make the discussion easy and relevant. If you have any confusion or queries related to packaging of capsule packaging then you can contact Emenac Packaging. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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