Car and motorcycle insurance

The Senate approved an amendment that introduces for all motorists the possibility of suspending car and motorcycle insurance, valid until 31 July, thus extending the duration for a period equal to the days of interruption.

This is a measure included in the maxi-amendment in the modification and conversion process of the Care Decree. Pending the definitive yes of the Chamber, let’s see the conditions for taking advantage of the suspension until 31 July of the valid IVF insurance.

Car insurance, who can suspend it?

The vehicle for which the insured is requesting suspension will not be able to circulate or even park on a public road or an area equivalent to a public road. This is because temporarily without compulsory insurance, in the event of an infringement, the seizure of the vehicle and a fine of up to 3,396 euros is foreseen.

Therefore, to proceed with the suspension request it will be necessary to park your car or motorcycle on private lands, such as a garage, a condominium parking space, a private shelter, or parking in the garden of your home, the important thing is that it is an area close to public transit (vehicular and pedestrian).

Insurance suspension, how much can you save?

To give certain data, it will be necessary to wait for the duration and methods of accessing the suspension to be published. Assuming that car insurance is suspended from May to July inclusive and that the annual premium is 404 euros (average estimated by Codacons), the savings will be 101 euros. To find out your savings, using the same reasoning, you have to take the annual cost of your policy, divide it by 12 and then multiply it by 3 months of suspension.

Suspension of the policy: some precautions

The amendment explicitly indicates that insurance companies cannot apply penalties or charges of any kind to those who wish to take advantage of the suspension, but it is advisable to read their contract and verify the existence of costs for the reactivation of the policy.

During the suspension period, even the ancillary guarantees, such as theft and fire, will not be valid, therefore if the vehicle is stolen, the damage will not be reimbursed.

As already mentioned, the car must be left in a garage or a private area not accessible to the public. For example, you can freely leave the vehicle in its land even if not delimited by a fence or in the garage. It can also be an area of ​​the condominium courtyard, even if there is hardly an area completely closed to transit, so it cannot simply be the place where you usually park your car, because other vehicles are entering and exiting as pedestrians.

All right? More or less, the Court of Justice also says that if the car without insurance coverage is left in a garage or private yard and a third party takes it against the wishes of the owner, the owner is still responsible and the victims guarantee fund of the road, called to pay damages to third parties in the event of an accident, could make a claim against him.

Discounts and Refunds

Asap and Codacons made different but essentially very similar requests: a reimbursement for consumers also through discounts on subsequent renewals. Unipolsai was the first company to move in this direction, offering its ten million customers a free one-month voucher to be used upon renewal.


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