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CBD may be the natural solution you’ve been looking for daily aches, sports injuries, or illness-related discomfort. In this post, we’ll look at how clients utilise CBD to relieve pain. We are regularly asked by new customers if cannabidiol and its related cannabinoids can help with pain management and reduction.

Customers pick CBDDY’s CBD for pain relief, it turns out.

Our customers are cautious about what they put into their bodies and choose natural medicinal materials over standard medications that may have undesirable side effects.


Let’s first define CBD for those who are unfamiliar with it. Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis (or hemp) plant. It is not psychotropic or euphoric. Insomnia, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, seizures, and more can be treated with CBD, but it is most typically used to relieve pain.

Cannabidiol Can Help With

“Medical cannabis (CBD) is routinely used to ease chronic pain,” says Frontier Pharmacology.

From inflammation to back and joint pain, common headaches to menstrual cramps and sciatica, studies show that CBD can help alleviate chronic pain.

Chronic pain has typically been treated with over-the-counter and, in some cases, higher dose opioids. However, the current opioid addiction crisis in America, as well as the many negative side effects of opioids, necessitate alternative natural pain treatment solutions.

Thankfully, new research on CBD for chronic pain has been promising. Following the findings of numerous research such as this one, all states in the United States have acknowledged cannabidiol as a legal remedy for persons suffering from chronic pain.

Some researchers have linked CBD to specific pain relief symptoms, like severe migraines. According to the European Academy of Neurology Congress in Amsterdam, CBD can help relieve migraines. The trial gave participants amitriptyline, which helps reduce migraine attacks. In the second phase, they were given a CBD/THC cocktail. The chemical cocktail was shown to be more effective than amitriptyline, another common antidepressant.

Consider these studies to evaluate if CBD Pain Relief Stick could be the all-natural solution to your aching body’s aches.

Injuries and CBD

In high-impact sports like roller derby, running, or HIT, many of our retail customers are athletes. We sell CBD to rehab and wellness clinics that treat patients’ pain and diseases.

Athletes put their bodies under immense strain, causing pain and damage. There are several types of injuries. But we’ve found that athletes are often health-conscious people who don’t want to put chemicals in their bodies. CBD may be an option for this person.

Anyone can benefit from their medical properties, not just athletes. Whether you want tincture oil or a CBD roller, CBD balm, or CBD Pain Relief, we have a product for you. Focus on the ache.

CBD oil may be a revolutionary anti-inflammatory drug substitute, according to studies. When you exercise, your muscles become inflamed, and CBD can help soothe those muscles and help you heal naturally from any injuries.

Even if you aren’t an athlete, CBD’s pain-relieving effects can help with an injury or muscular tightness.

CBD for Illness Pain Relief

For natural pain treatment, people with illnesses are increasingly turning to CBD hemp oil.

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis (RA)
  • Shingles
  • Endometriosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Disrupted sleep
  • MS (MS)
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Lupus
  • IBD (Crohn’s disease, etc.)
  • Neuropathy
  • Other situations

A promising study on cannabis and fibromyalgia symptoms may pave the way for more research on full-spectrum CBD hemp oil’s low THC concentration.

Consult your doctor if you have chronic pain due to an illness. CBD may be a natural pain reliever.

How Does CBD Treat Pain?

We have many products to help with pain, which we shall discuss below. Inhale, eat, sublingual, and eat CBD products.

The most effective strategy to treat systemic pain and inflammation is to get CBD into the bloodstream. The fact that topical CBD does not enter the bloodstream makes it appropriate for a specific issue area of the body.


Inhale or smoke CBD is considered the most potent and fastest way to get the benefits of CBD into your circulation. The potential danger to the lungs may deter many. CBD smoking is used in rituals and meditation. A recent article discusses CBD Hemp Flower in detail.

We currently offer three CBD smokables: Umpqua CBD Flower Hemp Flower and a CBD Herbal Blend


Ingesting CBD is the easiest technique, but other options are emerging. While some CBD is lost during digestion, we usually recommend edibles when customers or their kids detest the taste of tincture oil. In general, you will need more CBD per serving than sublingually.

We currently sell CBD candy (a fan favourite), tea, water, and other edible CBD goods. Visit our Tea, Edibles, & Flowers page to see what we have in stock.


We propose ingesting CBD under the tongue (or other mucous membranes) for chronic health concerns. It is highly accessible due to rapid absorption via the tongue and gums. There are no health risks, and it is a quick commute.

Our company sells CBD tinctures ranging from 250mg to 5000mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. Acute pain and a heavier physique may necessitate more focus. The most popular bottle for chronic pain is 1000mg/30ml.

Begin with 14 teaspoons (about 0.5 ml). Hold it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Adjust up or down to help control symptoms.

Not to worry, if you start with a low dose and get no comfort, you can gradually increase the dosage and intensity until you get relief.


Apply CBD directly to the painful area for quick relief. Our company makes a range of sizes and strengths for pain clinics, rehab centres, and massage therapists. Its rapid action and ease of application make it popular among everyone from college athletes to seniors.

CBDDY An athlete’s favourite, CBD Topical Pain Relief is also a favourite of massage therapists. It contains full-spectrum CBD oil.

Apply it to the ailment and forget about it.

Small batches of CBD Balm Stick, Chinese pain liniment, and pure essential oils are used. Apply as needed; results appear minutes later.

Our CBD Balm Stick comes in two strengths and a range of applicators.

Many clients prefer the hands-free roller or stick. Others choose to utilise a machine instead of massaging and rubbing the product into the sore area with their hands.

Is your skin sensitive or open? Our relaxing pain-relieving salve: CBD Bath Products that Restore

Consider a CBD bath instead of a “shower beer.”

This product contains full spectrum CBD, pink Himalayan salt, and essential oils. These natural ingredients help ease muscle stiffness and pain, reduce inflammation, and restore your body’s mineral composition.

CBD Bath Soak

Bathe with one whole packet of our pain reliever. CBD Bath Soak in a hot tub. Submerge yourself for 20 minutes if possible. Use half the mixture to soak your feet.

CBD Foot Soak

Many people get foot and ankle pain through repetition. Examples are tendonitis, fasciitis, and various foot and ankle irritation. Add a half-packet to your foot soak for targeted relief.

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