Champions Final Riot Opens Old Wounds of Liverpool Fans About Hillsborough Tragedy

Liverpool fans speak out about the chaos at the stadium in the 2021-2022 Champions League final.
The 2021-2022 Champions League final, which brings Liverpool and Real Madrid together on 28 May 2022, still leaves a case.
The final match played at the Stade de France, France, was colored by chaos.
The reason was that most of the supporters from Liverpool and Real Madrid could not enter the stadium before kick-off.
This was triggered by pressure from fans who did not have tickets to force their way into the stadium.
Meanwhile, spectators who had official tickets had to be restrained outside the stadium by local police officers.
This chaotic condition made the kick-off match postponed to 36 minutes.
The meeting was held in a French court and several representatives of Liverpool supporters on Tuesday (21/6/2022) local time.
Ted Morris. chairman of the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association or the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, gave an overview of the situation he was in.
For supporters of wheelchair users, they received bad treatment during the final match and said they were treated like animals by officers.
“He was picked up by Liverpool fans through the gate because the steward refused to open the door for him,” Morris said, quoted by from the Independent.
“Once outside, he was sprayed with tear gas on his way to the station.”
“A major catastrophe has been averted. No force can come to the aid of the disabled supporters.
“Fans with disabilities are treated like animals. My wife and I don’t care about the game anymore at this stage.”
“We left in the 86th minute and the steward told us we couldn’t get out because some locals were still trying to get into the stadium.
“In the underground – at the exit of the stadium under police surveillance, a few minutes later – the locals attacked us and it was scary, especially for supporters with disabilities.”
“As we walked towards the station we hoped the police would step in. It’s the worst football experience.”

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