1. You establish that the Coinsurance corresponding to Consultation, Practice, and/or Pharmacy Orders may be paid by the affiliates who are holders of the DASUTeN, in 1 (one) installment when the amount of the Coinsurance does not exceed $ 30.- (thirty pesos) and in up to 5 (five) equal, monthly and consecutive installments, when the amount is greater than $ 30.- (thirty pesos), which will be deducted directly from the applicant’s assets.
  2. Beneficiaries who do not receive assets from the UTN will not be able to access the discount of any Coinsurance for Assets.
  3. If the applicant for the Coinsurance Discount for Assets is not the Principal Affiliate, a member of the primary family group declared in the DASUTeN may sign the application.

At the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONFUSED), we suggest that if you are going to take out medical insurance, it is important that you know the following concepts:

  • Waiting period.- Period established in the policy, starting from the contracting of the insurance, during which the Insurer does not cover the expenses for the medical care or treatment of certain diseases or conditions.
  • Preexistence.- It is the disease or condition that began before contracting the Medical Expenses Insurance and that consequently are not covered by the insurance.
  • Deductible.- It is an amount of money from which the Insurer begins to pay the amount of the claim. The Insurer will not pay for accidents or illnesses whose care or treatment implies an amount less than the deductible.
  • Coinsurance.- Most medical expenses insurances, in addition to the deductible, make the User sympathize with them by paying a part of the expenses, which is called co-insurance, therefore they make it a co-insurer. The purpose of paying this amount is that the insurance is only used in the event of a really serious illness, but generally, the Insurer does not charge a deductible or coinsurance in the case of accidents.

Before hiring medical expenses insurance, CONDUSEF recommends that you take into account the following considerations:

  • Compare before making any decision about hiring insurance for major medical expenses, it is best to have at least 3 different quotes.
  • The best insurance that can be contracted is the one that covers our needs and is within the reach of our budget.
  • Never sign any contract or document if you are not completely satisfied or if you do not understand the scope of the coverage they offer you.
  • If you sign it, you should know that article 25 of the Law on the Insurance Contract, grants 30 days to present a complaint and request the corresponding rectification or cancel it.
  • The Major Medical Expenses insurance is a useful and practical alternative, as it allows you to lighten the burden at the time of having an unforeseen event, illness, and/or disability, for this reason, consider it as an Investment.
  • Consult the Financial Entities Bureau, compare options according to the claims, penalties, and qualifications of the insurers that offer the product.


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