The primary purpose of this analysis was to develop a deeper understanding of the overall strength of the contract service providers involved in this field. It allows companies to compare their existing capabilities within their respective peer groups and identify ways to gain a competitive edge in the industry. In addition, this analysis can be used by the companies to ascertain improvement areas by identifying the gaps between their existing capabilities and the best available practices in the industry.


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In this analysis, we have compared more than 40 bioassay service providers offering services for cell and gene therapies across multiple parameters. We have analyzed all the companies and plotted a four-dimensional bubble analysis with supplier strength on the abscissa, service strength on the ordinate and service applicability as the size of the bubble. The primary purpose of this analysis is to compare the popularity and activity of different cell and gene therapy bioassay service providers on a relative basis. At no point, should the discussion in this analysis be construed as a firm recommendation that one service provider is better than the others. It is important to mention that this analysis has been done based on the information collated from various publicly available sources and the information disclosed by the company.


As it can be seen in the above figure, Company 4, a large company emerged as the leading player in terms of service strength. The company offers bioassay services for both cell and gene therapies via different facilities. The facilities from which company offers its bioanalytical services, include US (Wisconsin, Virginia and Kentucky), China (Shanghai and Suzhou), Brussels, Belgium and Singapore. Further, the company has the capability to offer different types of bioanalytical services, including immunoassay, potency assay, flow chemistry, quantitative PCR, digital droplet PCR, immunochemistry, ELISA, mass spectroscopy, cell-based assays and molecular genomics.


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Further, it is worth mentioning that Company 1 has maximum score in terms of supplier strength. The company offers pre-developed bioassay services for both cell and gene therapies. In addition, the company offer immunoassays, potency assays and flow cytometry from its bioanalytical facility located in Europe.


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