Continuous Technological Transformation: Upgrade Your Odoo

Fulfill Every Business Need with Odoo Upgradation

Odoo ERP software is one of the most used and trusted business administration solutions nowadays. So many companies are using Odoo and looking to implement Odoo ERP in their business environment. The reason behind the popularity of Odoo is its highly flexible framework, i.e., any size and type of business can use Odoo in the most efficient manner.


Odoo basically has three Odoo editions, i.e, Odoo community, odoo enterprise, and Odoo online. And, all these editions have numerous versions from Odoo versions 8 and 9 to Odoo 16, the latest one.


The best thing about Odoo is that one can upgrade its Odoo ERP consistently as its business requirements change with time. In other words, one can upgrade to the higher version of Odoo at any time. Also, they can switch to the enterprise edition from the community edition. Isn’t it amazing to have full control over your technological enhancements? In this blog, we will be discussing Odoo’s upgradation from the Odoo community to the Odoo enterprise edition.



Odoo Community Edition


Odoo Community is a fully open-source version of Odoo and it is completely free. It means businesses can use the community version without paying a single penny. It has numerous modules like sales, purchase, accounting, inventory, project management, HRM, maintenance, and more. All these business applications have features and functionalities that can fulfill small businesses ‘ needs easily. Apart from this if they want to modify the solution, they can get customization services at very reasonable pricing. There are a few Odoo community edition limitations compared to Odoo Enterprise are the lack of unlimited functional support, regular version upgrade, and proper hosting assistance. Mobile versions and studio apps are also not supported.


If you are expanding your business and need a fully-fledged ERP platform with all the advanced and robust features, then Odoo’s upgradation to the enterprise is important. However, if your requirements can be fulfilled with the community edition, then you do not need to upgrade your ERP.



Odoo Enterprise Edition


Odoo Enterprise is a licensed version or we can say that it is a paid version of Odoo ERP. Also, we can define it as an extended version of the Odoo community because it has more modules, features, functionalities, and services than the community version. Simply put, the community version with additional features, modules, and functionalities is the Odoo enterprise version.

The reason so many organizations, especially big enterprises, invest in Odoo enterprise is, Odoo Enterprise offers increased operational speed, more efficiency, as well as mobile device compatibility. Moreover, if you choose the enterprise version, you will get unlimited functional support, regular upgrades, and more. After selecting this licensed edition you will get public and private cloud hosting support from Odoo SA.


If you want to upgrade to Odoo enterprise, hiring the top odoo migration service provider would be the best choice. They can help you with step-by-step Odoo upgradation so that you would not lose any previous data, modules, features, and more.



As we can see it is a paid version, its subscription charges are based on the number of users who are going to use the software. It might sound strange that Odoo enterprise offers you all the advanced functionalities, features, applications, and services like any other proprietary solution but the total cost of implementation would always be less than other proprietary software.


Additional modules of Odoo enterprise are Data Cleaning, Marketing Automation, Electronic Signature (e-Sign), Help Desk, Quality Management, Subscription, Studio, etc. One of the odoo community edition limitations is that all these intelligent solutions are not part of the Odoo Community. Also, the add-on apps like shipping connector, barcode integration, VOIP, etc. are not a part of the Odoo community. These are a few applications, some additional services, features, and functionalities add more weightage to the Odoo enterprise compared to Odoo Community.


Now you have got an insight into both the Odoo editions and it’s up to you if you need to upgrade your Odoo or not. Although, for safe and secure Odoo upgradation, hiring certified Odoo migration service providers would be the best decision a business can ever make.



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