Cookie Clicker Game Online

I’ve been playing for about a month and a half, and I’ve found a strategy that pretty much breaks the game and makes it no longer fun. You are on notice.

You can use some other guide to get to a level where you can get the three golden cookie upgrades. Upgrade the wizard towers so you can use the force the hand of fate spell.

At this point, you should get a second golden cookie just before a frenzy golden cookie is done. If you’re very lucky, you might get a 777x click frenzy. That’s awesome. But this is something else.

Cast your hand of fate spell right before that second golden cookie shows up. Then time it so that you can click on two new cookies at the same time (don’t click on a “wrath” cookie). You can sometimes get two bonuses.

The last one I did had frenzy seven times, dragon flight one thousand and eleven times, and one for 600 buildings (60x). For the 22 seconds that Dragon Flight was active, that was more than 10 million seconds of game time, or 119 days’ worth of cookies. Make sure to click while this is happening. Also, each click was 10 million times as strong.

Beyond this, there is no real plan to cookie clicker. After that, buy everything you see until you’re out of money. Ascend and do it again.

If you don’t do this twice, once you have a lot of buildings, you won’t even notice that your cookies are getting better because of the difference. It’s better to just go up. Good luck.

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