There’s no doubt that law enforcement interests you. What appeals to you is the idea of removing criminals from the streets. It’s possible that you took a look into it and were immediately overwhelmed by how many job opportunities are available. If you’re considering continuing your education to become a law enforcement officer, you might consider going to school to get a degree in that area. As you realize there are criminal justice degrees…and there are criminal justice jobs, you get really confused. In addition, there are criminology degrees and criminology jobs. How are they different?

Criminology and Criminal Justice assignment help is now provided by BookMyEssay platform at best prices. This is a question sometimes asked by job seekers. Occasionally, it’s from people wanting to find out what to major in college, and other times, it’s simply from curiosity. The differences are subtle, but distinct, so it’s easy to get confused no matter where they come from. Exactly how do criminal justice and criminology differ? 


It is the study of crime, just as psychology is the study of the mind and sociology is the study of society, that makes criminology the study of crime. Criminology is considered a subset of sociology and is a social science. Researchers, analysts, and advisors in criminal psychology study and explain crime-related behavior in all its forms, from its origins to its consequences. The study of criminology enables us to understand how, why, when, and where crimes occur and offers policy and procedure suggestions for preventing and responding to them. BookMyEssay is now offering assignment help in canberra.

Criminology encompasses numerous sub-disciplines, such as environmental criminology, which studies the relationship between crime and the environment in which it occurs. Society tends to influence how people behave. Forensic psychology and criminal profiling are career options in criminology. 

Criminal justice

Criminology is essentially applied to criminal justice. Crime is studied in criminology, but crime is dealt with in criminal justice. Multiple components make up the criminal justice system, which enforces laws, investigates and prosecutes crimes, punishes criminals and rehabilitates those who have been convicted. assignment writing help service is now available online at very best prices.

As you can imagine, criminology has a wide variety of career opportunities, and many of them overlap with this sector. A forensic psychologist for example can be described as working in both criminology and criminal justice given that he studies or observes criminal behavior in addition to investigating crimes, profiling criminals, and advising on jury selection and trial preparation. 

Criminal justice is not complete without police officers, detectives, and investigators. Prison guards, wardens, and probation officers are additional members of the criminal justice system. From a position with a municipality’s police department to a position with the FBI or the federal government, there is a wide variety of jobs and careers available.

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