Custom Bath Bomb Packaging Labels

Quality Bath Bomb Labels To Beautify Your Packaging

Aren’t you awestruck when you reward yourself with a soothing bath at the end your busy day? What is more enjoyable than soaking in a warm, fragrant bathwater that eases the tension and makes for an enjoyable bath bomb adventure?

The delicious, attractive and fragrant bath products available today will provide anyone with an unforgettable experience. However, with the variety of bath bombs that are available it’s difficult to pick one.

What is the best way to help customers to make better choices? Answer to this question is custom bath bomb labels.

If you’re a manufacturer and seller of bath bombs and are seeking a professional method to label them and differentiate them from your competitors, you’ve come to the right place.

YBY BOXES AU produces fully custom-designed packaging and labels for bath bombs. We will help you design yours to make the perfect match to your bath bombs. The customers will be in awe of these! If you’re producing small quantities, large amounts, or custom bath bomb boxes too we have everything you require!

In short, we’re eager to assist you in making your mark and make more sales.

Let’s look at how it all is working.

Why Bath Bombs Need Packaging And Labeling: Overview

Like any other item that is sold… everywhere bath bombs must be packaged in the right packaging and labeling.

Packaging is a way to showcase the unique advantages and features that your product offers.

It’s possible to ask why you bother making packaging when there’s many bath bombs available in stores that don’t have any packaging at all.

Bath bomb shop

It’s true… If your brand is Lush (or another similar handmade business) and you’re also a zero-waste business I’m sure you’ll agree that the most effective thing you can do for your business and products is to pack them and label the products.

Benefits of bath bomb packaging

In the beginning, packaging provides protection.

Bath bombs are typically made from baking soda, citric acid and cornflour. In order to give every bath bomb a vivid colour or an impressive appearance, other ingredients are included, too.

A bath bomb that has been crumbled in a variety of shades.

Although their consistency may feel a bit brittle to the touch, they’re in reality quite delicate.

If dropped or handled improperly the bath bombs could break (fully or in part) or even break.

This is a loss since you can’t sell a damaged item.


What happens if the following scenario happens?

The customer returns home with the item they bought from you. When they decide to get the bath bombs, they discover that they’ve chipped or cracked inside. Perhaps they even left a mess inside the bag.

The problem is that it’s no enjoyable if they fail before the customer has the chance to utilize the devices!

Why not take advantage of these situations and wrap them in a neat manner? Your items will remain intact, and your customers can safely transport them. Additionally, their eyes will glow with delight every moment they look at those sparkling treats.

Additionally, packaging speaks to your image as a brand. The way you present off your product and market it to your customers is crucial in establishing the right impression. It also shows that you are concerned.

Benefits of bath bomb labeling

Making the custom tag for bath bombs can be a crucial step in branding.

A lovely wrapping box will do the trick however, if you put some labels on it and seal the deal, it will be a great impression.

In addition to its utility:

The label is used to identify the product.

It distinguishes it from comparable products (your own or of other brands).

It contains a wealth of information that is useful.

Last but not least it lets you place your item to sell even if you do not have the box!

Let’s say that your bath bomb assortment includes fruity scents to orchids and mint chocolate. The proper wrapping and putting a label on them will help the consumer decide which one they’d prefer to purchase.

Additionally, they’ll be able to associate with the color and brand of their most loved one(s). This will make it easier for customers to order again or locate the items quickly at your store.



So, let’s examine the most popular bath bomb packaging and labels.

Join me for a dive.

What Are Bath Bombs Packaged In?

Looking at the market , including physical stores as well as online shops , we can observe that bath bombs are packaged in a variety of ways.

Here are the top commonly used ones that our customers use as well as on which YBY BOXES AU labels are perfect for.

1. Bath bomb labels are placed on the plastic/shrink wrap packaging

Shrink wrap, also known as plastic, is the most convenient method to pack your bath bombs.

The transparent material lets you see the product, while also allowing labelling of various kinds on it.

The labels could be any shape or size, including wrap-around, however, the most popular ones are circular.

Therefore, the transparent nature of the packaging allows consumers to know the scent and other characteristics that the products have.


The label is topped with specific information. It details, for example the stress-relief benefits of the citrus and lemon-scented bath bomb.

2. Bath bomb labels sprayed on colored tissue paper/Kraft wrapping papers

Another way to pack bath bombs would be to cover them with transparent colored tissue paper. This creates a lively and intriguing look and is extremely efficient, particularly for gifts.

In addition, they look like ready-to-drink candy.





Of course, you can always go for the natural or vintage style. You can wrap your bath bombs with Kraft wrap paper. It’s green (and highly appreciated by eco concerned customers). It’s also more durable and you can decorate it in any way you want.

In both instances you could put an item label that contains your bathing bomb’s name (or benefit ) and any additional information) directly over the top.

3. Bath Bomb labels as well as individual boxes

Boxes provide greater protection for your items. They also give you more room for customizing and providing details.

You can get your bath bombs wrapped in separate cardboard boxes. Printing can be done on all or one of the sides of white or colored materials. Select the best box option that matches your logo.


YBS box for Leven CBD

HY bath bomb box

YBS box for Humble Yields

To make it more distinctive and highlight the vivid colors inside, it is possible to incorporate cutouts. For example, a rectangular cutout on one end, or a tiny rectangular one to give a brief “taste” of what’s inside. or whatever idea comes in your head.

Two white and black boxes packed with CBD bath bombs that say “Resilience”.


bath bomb boxes


It’s a guarantee that you’ll be successful by adding additional finishing options to create an unforgettable impression with the packaging of your bath bomb.

Another option is to offer the bath bombs you have purchased in plastic boxes.

It’s the perfect way to showcase them and also keep them safe while at the same time.

Put your attractive labels to the transparent PVC Your bath bombs are now ready to go on the shelves. You can even give them away. Or, if they’re gifted, they’ll be a the most of it.



Are you searching for an affordable option? Pick the blank box (white or Kraft) and add a vivid and distinctive label that enhances the package experience.

It is possible to match the colors of the labels to that of the bathtub in.



It is possible to add images, or go with a simple and tidy, yet appealing style.

bath bombs labeled on a blank-box


On one side, with two edges, the lid and bottom or wrapped around labels, they are the ideal option to personalize your boxes. This is how your company and its product interact with your customer.

4. Bath Bomb labels, and custom boxes for different scents

If you want to gift a single or a number of bath bombs inside boxes, you can personalize your boxes to give away or bundles of bargains.

Make sure to show off your gorgeous bath bombs and earn the trust of prospective buyers who would like to take home with their preferred scent.

colorful bath bomb box


bath bombs in a variety


On the exterior:

Use catchy labels to provide a glimpse into your company’s identity.

Make use of decorative art (ribbons for instance twine, or ribbons). It will draw attention and draw attention to those bath bombs.

Description of your product. Make a compelling story about the product. or give advice and tips on how to achieve maximum benefits from its relaxing qualities.


Protective inserts are an excellent option to keep your bath bombs in good condition.

Labels can be placed underneath each bath bomb. This way, the customers will be aware of the scent they prefer and what scent they like most.

Alternately you can wrap the bath bombs in tissue paper, and then apply an inscription on the top of each bath bomb, either displaying the name of the item or the benefits.

Window display boxes Another stylish and fashionable option worth a look.

These boxes show the exquisite particulars of the bath bombs (like the mix of shades, flakes, or petals, for instance).

White cardboard boxes give a neat and fresh appearance.

Kraft paperboard boxes are more natural, organic look. In addition, they blend artisanal style with sophistication.

bath bomb box assortment


At YBY BOXES AU We’re very conscious of being sustainable. We are also pleased to provide solutions for packaging that are not harmful to the environment. Are you interested in learning more? Find out more about our work on Ecology and Sustainability.

5. Bath bomb labels are applied to clear bags and pouches

bath-bomb labels-clear-bags


Gusset bags and clear bags are great to package gifts.

With a clean and crisp look but they’re still flexible and ideal for any size and shape of bathing bombs.

Make sure you match a ribbon and label with the item and you’ll have a ready-to-go present.

Did I mention that these bags provide the perfect protection from humidity? Keep the bubbly for that relaxing bubble bath!

Have you selected the design of your bathroom bombs? If not, I’m sure these suggestions were helpful and can help you choose the best option for your brand and your campaign, your products or even your idea. More importantly, consider what will your customers be more satisfied with.

In the end there is no reason why you can’t select more than one kind of packaging?

The decision-making process happens within a matter of minutes. It’s therefore crucial that your labeling and packaging is attractive and provides information that helps your customers select you.

Since we’re talking in regards to details…

What Information Should Bath Bomb Labels Provide?

In general – and given the information you’re familiar with reading in our posts – when you sell products in the international or local market We recommend using all the measures necessary and playing it prudently.

Let me get more specific.

You must know what category your product falls and what guidelines you must follow. This applies both to DIY as well as for bath bombs.


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