Dealings With Fake Currency

Personally, angry is an understatement to my feelings when I’ve tried to buy something, and then be told by the person at the till that the money I’m giving them is fake, and that they won’t accept it. Not only am I now unable to fund the item I wanted, but I’m now out of pocket as the money I tried to offer them is worthless.

In this article, I’d like to highlight several things to be aware of in regards to fake money, and how to avoid the danger of it landing up inside your wallet or purse.

In relation to genuine English bank notes, each of them Counterfeit money for sale possess a metallic thread which has been carefully woven into the actual note, it isn’t simply printed on either side. It is a complicated step, and incredibly difficult for those who produce the fake notes to achieve successfully, so keep close track of this when managing bank notes.

A very obvious thing to look out for and keep an eye on in regards to the English bank note is the watermark that’s on it. On each English bank note, you’ll find a watermark which is of the queen’s portrait. With genuine bank notes, the watermark should be practically invisible unless it’s being held to a light source. If the watermark is very visible when the note is held flat, this should be a cause for concern. And even on genuine warn notes, the image should still be detailed, clear and visible, due to the way the note and watermark are generated.

And lastly, although you’ll need a tool to test for this, are the micro lettering that are written on the notes. By using a magnification glass, take a look at the decorative swirls which are underneath the queens portrait. These swirls are in fact micro lettering which spell out the value of the note in alternating numbers and letters. Very difficult for the fraudsters to forge.


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