Diamond Company In India

Indian tradition has a long connection with diamonds. Diamond is the most sparkling gemstone. We will be mentoring the diamond brand so next time you are interested in shopping, you will know in detail about the top ten diamond companies in India. Diamond jewellery is cheap and lighter and if stolen they cause less loss. Diamond is also called the symbol of love. Every woman loves to wear fluent diamonds. But Marilyn Moore and Susmita sen they all have worn big diamonds on their fingers. But beyond craving to wear a beautiful diamond or ring a few people are cruise to know the fact about the diamond companies in India that articulate beautifully in contemporary designs.

Top Ten Diamond Company in India

(1). Titan Company:

 Titan Company is the top brand company in India, Tanishq is a brand of titan which come under the famous tata group. The company’s headquarter is in Bangalore. Tanishq is also known as India’s most trusted jewellery brand. Firestar Diamond  ranked in the first position on the list in the term of revenue.

(2). Rajesh Company Ltd:

 Rajesh Company ltd. has secured its place list of diamond manufacturers in India because of its offering quality. This diamond company came into India’s existence in 1989 since then it has marked its presence in the jewellery market by offering authorised and certificate collections.

(3). Vaibhav Global:

 Vaibhav Global is India’s third largest diamond manufacturing company and has a remarkable presence in the global market. The company is said to be the world’s largest supplier of diamonds because of its great performance in quality.

(4). Kalyan jeweller:

 Kalyan jeweller is India’s fourth largest diamond company in india. The  company is one of the top brands in india because of its quality, unique design finest cutting, and polishing

(5). Rivaaz jewellery brand:

 Rivaaz jewellery is the fifth largest diamond company in india. They have an extensive collection of fantastic jewellery designs and patterns and have a middle price range.

(6). Goldiam Inter:

 With a yearly revenue of 1330 core cr INR, Goldiam inter a renowned diamond company in india. The company has significantly won customers’ hearts by delivering pure and finest polish diamonds in various significant parts of the world. Today the company is known for cutting diamonds with the help of a new technique and their skill sets.

(7). Malabar Jewellery brand:

Malabar Jewellery brand is the top brand available in india. The brand has a stylish and elegant palette for women at every event. from gold to diamond you can find all types of ornaments.

(8). Renaissance:

One of the diamond manufacturers in india, renaissance LTD assures 100%  satisfaction to the customer with their pure and articulate diamonds. This is best know company in india for its innumerable artistic designs and exclusive collection ranges of bangles e.t.c .

(9). Josco jewellery group:

Josco jewellery group is a famous jeweller brand in india out of Kerala. The brand deals with Sliver, gold, and platinum all product are BIS and Hallmarked jewels.

(10). Thribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri:

Thribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri is a popular diamond company in india the company is known for enormous success in the diamond market by offering better design and certified diamond.

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