Different Types Of Wood Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices of many homeowners. Wood floor installation service is one of the most sought-after flooring services. The reason for its popularity ranges from aesthetic to practical reasons. It is classy and timeless. Hardwood can be refinished compared to other types of flooring, allowing it to last a lifetime. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain compared to carpets and tiles.

Why is it called ‘hardwood’? Types of Hardwood


Maple flooring is one of the most popular hardwood types requested by homeowners. Maple wood has a subtle grain pattern that can work well in all large and small spaces. It is durable and can retain its durability in high-traffic areas. The only downside is that if a homeowner is looking for a specific stain design, maple may not be the right hardwood type. It is more porous than other wood types, making it hard to absorb stains.


Much like maple, oak is also one of the most popular hardwood types. It is resistant to getting worn out. It also comes in various colors which would be ideal for homeowners trying to set up a theme in their home. People who are not fans of carpets or area rugs can have oak wood as a great choice.


Pine is also a flooring choice for some homeowners. Contrary to what some people believe, pine is not a type of hardwood but rather, it is a softwood. It does not mean that it is soft but it would be susceptible to dents. Still, pine has an appeal as its aesthetic improves over time.


Rosewood has a unique grain pattern with a good range of colors. It can range from purple to yellow. Rosewoods is a new type of hardwood in the wood floor installation market but it has been mostly used in furniture-making.


Bamboo is not hardwood but some homeowners opt for this type of wood for its simplistic properties. Bamboo is a form of grass. Having bamboo floors makes the home feel closer to nature. Nonetheless, places that are prone to humidity and dampness are not suitable for bamboo flooring. Bamboos can be easily scratched but can be fixed by refinishing or sanding methods.


Cherry hardwood has an elegant ambiance to it whenever it is installed in any room. Cherry hardwoods have a pinkish hue which becomes more noticeable over time. Cherry hardwoods tend to get scratched easily compared to other types of hardwoods. To maintain Cherry floors, refinishing and regular maintenance helps it last longer.

Brazilian Cherry

Not to be mistaken as a cherry hardwood, Brazilian cherry has a reddish-brown hue which also provides an elegant ambiance to the home. It is durable and can be installed in high-traffic locations in a home.


Mahogany is a popular choice for furniture but can also be great for flooring purposes. It has an elegant aesthetic. Mahogany is more expensive than other hardwoods. The most desirable mahogany types are the West Indian or Cuban mahogany which is rare, making it more expensive than other hardwood types.


For those looking for a budget-friendly hardwood type, ash would be a great option. It is less expensive than other hardwood types. Homeowners looking to install an ash hardwood must research the different types of ash trees. They must know the type of ash tree they are going to have on their wood floor installation.

Hardwood floor installations require meticulous workmanship. Various hardwood floor types have their pros and cons that must be considered. Homeowners must hire and partner with a dependable service contractor to ensure that they will receive the best value of their budget.

Hardwood is a type of wood that comes from a dicot or angiosperm tree. Hardwood’s counterpart is called softwood which came from gymnosperm trees. Angiosperm trees reproduce flowers and have broad leaves.

Hardwoods have a complex nature, unlike softwoods. Hardwoods grow slower due to the complexity of their structure. The main feature that differentiates hardwoods from softwoods is the presence of vessels or pores. The pores have spiral thickening or the spores could also be reticulated.

As the name suggests, hardwoods came from trees that are harder than softwood variants. There are some exceptions to both wood types. Some hardwoods like the wood called balsa are softer than some softwoods. Meanwhile, yew is a hard type of softwood.

Hardwood Applications

Hardwood is generally known for flooring purposes but it also has other applications. This includes tools, fuel, construction, musical instruments, and boats. Hardwoods are also used for charcoal-making properties. Hardwoods are often more expensive than softwood.

Some cheaper hardwoods are not usually a hundred percent hardwood material. It may consist of a thin veneer that is bonded to the core of plywood, softwood, or medium-density fiberboard. Homeowners looking for a wood floor installation must look into the type of hardwood they are getting.


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