Does Fut Hair Transplant Cover The Bald Spots?

Does FUT hair transplant cover bald spots? This is among the most asked questions regarding hair transplants. FUT hair transplant surgery is worth it, considering its effect on your confidence, appearance, and permanent outcome. Surgery has a big influence on our lives. During the FUT procedure, the hair transplant surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the donor area of your scalp and extracts the hair follicles. The surgery is ideal for covering bald areas and receding hairlines resulting from male pattern baldness. Read on to determine what fut hair transplant is all about.

How Does FUT Hair Transplant Work?

The FUT hair transplant surgery involves cutting a strip of skin from the rear of your scalp. The actual size of the strip depends on the number of hair follicles needed to cover the bald areas. After removing the individual hair follicles are implanted into the balding areas. The surgery will take you between 4 to 8 hours. Generally, FUT is known to be quicker than FUE. You will be awake during this procedure, and local anesthesia is used to numb your scalp.

The FUT hair transplant procedure involves:

  • The surgeon will first re-draw your hairline, mark the area of extraction and take photographs for records. You might take a sedative before the procedure.
  • The donor area will be trimmed to about two millimeters.
  • The surgeon then cuts a strip of skin with hair follicles that will be used for transplantation. During the surgery, you will stay awake.
  • Your scalp will be closed with sutures.
  • Hair follicles will then be inserted into the balding areas in a natural pattern.
  • Antibiotics are then applied to your scalp.

Mostly, you will see results in about 6 to 9 months. Other people might wait for a year.

An Ideal Candidate for the FUT Hair Transplant Technique

The FUT technique requires enough hair on your scalp for transplantation. The best candidates for this procedure are men with male pattern baldness. Suppose a medical condition like thyroid disorder or alopecia areata is causing hair loss; the FUT hair transplant method is not an option.

The following conditions make you the best candidate for the FUT method:

1. Age

Generally, this technique is performed on people over 25 years. The hair loss pattern for young people is less predictable.

2. Diagnosis

Men with androgenic alopecia areata respond best to this surgery

3. Hair thickness

You generally get better coverage if you have high hair follicle density.

4. Hair Color

If you hold a hair color similar to your scalp skin, you make the best candidate because there is less color contrast.

FUT Hair Transplant Cost

FUT hair transplant cost ranges between $4000 and $10000. At some clinics, the price might be higher. The cost is affected by the following factors:

  • Travel costs
  • Location
  • The surgeon
  • The number of hair follicles transplanted.

Usually, the FUT procedure is not covered by insurance because it is cosmetic surgery. In instances where you have lost your hair as a result of trauma or burns, the insurance can cover it.


FUT hair transplant surgery, as noted earlier, involves cutting a piece of skin from the back of your scalp and using it to cover bald spots. This surgery is effective in covering bald areas. FUT is considered safe, and results are natural if conducted by a trained surgeon. The scar, however, fades with time, and you can cover it with long hair.


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