Drift Racer

Drift Racer: Speed up, drift, and skid around the track to have the most amazing time in your car. Choose from a variety of vehicles and change the color of the car, the wheels, and the smoke that comes out of the tires. If you want to move sideways, you have to look good while doing it. Come play this game to test your driving skills and have a lot of fun doing it.

The goal of the game is to get around the track as quickly as possible while scoring as many drift points as possible. Find the right balance between speed and cornering. You need enough speed to carry into the corner so you can drift, but not too much or you will spin off the track and get a penalty. This game will test how well you can use the keyboard, since this is what is needed to drift. As you move around the circuit, linking one slide to the next will help you get a higher score and boost your ego. You can do this, so get on with it!

Here’s how to play: You can speed up your racing car by pressing the Up Arrow key on your computer keyboard. Using the Left and Right Arrow Keys, you can move. Stop by pressing the Down arrow. You can also control the game using the WASD keys. The spacebar turns on the handbrake for that extra sliding motion, and the shift button turns on the nitrous oxide for more speed. Stop the music by pressing the tab button! Vroom Vroom! Get driftin’ dude!

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