Erectile Dysfunction- What’s the Solution?

Erectile Dysfunction commonly referred to as Impotence is a condition that affects numerous men across the globe, and recent statistics suggest that it can affect up to one out of 10 males at any point in their lives. Like many illnesses or medical conditions there is no definitive cause for the condition. There are many reasons for why sexual dysfunction in males can manifest. The most frequent causes, which are both psychological and physical will be discussed in this article. It might give a much-needed reasons why this disorder can happen.

Vascular Disease

This condition, scientifically termed Arteriosclerosis it is which is defined by the hardening the arteries in a person that can frequently lead to an erectile dysfunction. There are a variety of contributing causes to the development of this disease, including the diet as well as diabetes, hypertension excessive cholesterol, and lifestyle choices such as smoking cigarettes, which over the course of time could cause this hardening to occur. Vascular diseases are often caused by age and could be responsible for up to 65percent of all cases of erectile dysfunction for men who are who are over 60.

The Prescription Medicine:

In the present, there are more than 200 prescribed treatments that have been identified to trigger or cause Erectile dysfunction. The most commonly prescribed Buy Vidalista drugs be used to treat hypertension, depression and cardiovascular diseases as in addition to tranquilizers and sedatives. Alongside these therapies, there are many other substances, like illegal recreational drugs that are also believed as being responsible for the development of this condition.


It is a disease that is caused by the high level of sugar in the blood that over the course of a number of years may cause severe damages to blood vessels and nerves all over the body. This is among many, if not the primary physical reason for erectile dysfunction cases, with as high up to 60% males who suffer from ED due to direct cause of Diabetes.

Peryonie’s Disease:

It is a rare condition and more common for men who are getting in the age of. It is an inflammation condition that results in significant scarring of the tissues in the penis, which results in an irregular curvature of the penis. This condition may interfere with sexual activity of the sufferers and can cause the erections to be extremely painful.

Venous Leak:

Venous Leak is a condition caused by the veins that are located inside the penis fail to block blood from flowing out, which causes an erection not to occur. The condition could be caused for many reasons such as injury, disease or any other type of damages to the veins that are found within the penis.

Hormone-related Disorders

It is possible that erectile dysfunction could result from a deficit in the amount of sexual hormones, like testosterone, which are found in the body. This is a physical cause of less than 5percent of all cases of impotence and will not only make getting an erection more difficult, but they can result in a decline in libido and sexual drive in males. There are two possible reasons for the creation of a hormone disorder like this. One is the excess levels of a hormone known as prolactin. It is usually caused by pituitary gland or kidney or liver disease that may cause an imbalance in the hormones in your body.

The Neurologic Disorders:

Impotence is a different cause. It can be neurological conditions, like spinal cord or brain injuries, such as strokes paraplegia, stroke, etc. They can also be caused by a variety of nerve diseases, such as the likes of parkinson’s syndrome as well as alzheimer’s disease, and also MS, also called MS.


Alongside the many physical causes for this condition, there are a variety of psychological reasons for why the condition can develop. The causes, which typically cause the condition for a short period of time can be caused by stress, depression anxiety, guilt, and a variety of mental illnesses. These disorders can also reduce the desire or desire of a patient to have sexual relations, and can also result in hindering the process of erection.

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