As the event decoration / shooter planner, we were very happy when we heard the good news that our inspired VDAY shooting was shown in Grace Ormonde for Valentine’s Day. Event companies in chennai

The event decoration theme for this creative shooting is “love in six”, and is inspired by our love for the beautiful horizon of Toronto. We want to shoot to be very luxurious and romantic, use deep tones and print flowers designed with little Inspo from Dolce and Gabbana.

The shooting took place in the heart of the city center of Toronto, in a new new place, The Globe and Mail Center, which we thought had the best view of the Toronto iconic skyline.

Velvet is a hot trend this year, so we want the direction of our event decor to put this elegant cloth along our design concept. From the velvet tufted furniture detailz which is provided for the lounge, to the background of a luxurious dessert to the dessert is decorated with delicious desserts by rapu pastries, to one of our favorite design pieces – the custom floral napkins we made.

We really want this style of photographic and unique style, which will catch a non-traditional bride eyes. Not structured flower arrangements and dramatic bouquets with extraordinary valuable flowers, really help bring our vision to live. Deep tone in the flowers, including striking black roses, mixed with dark colored candles and decoration charger plates from tableauscapes, really make the whole design gather.

Printing flowers and toronto horizons are two main design concepts for “love in six” and you will see this detail throughout the design. Vinyl print romantic flowers, but tense by the designer of the dance floor used in the back seat, a lounge table and flexible hallway, which is then transformed in the lounge creating a cohesive look for this area. The Toronto Skyline is our main background for shooting, so we want to enter this in other design pieces, such as a special lounge pillow and a dessert table. The invitation is what sets the tone for an event, so it’s a must to enter these two design elements in the stationery suite designed perfectly by Paper Damsel.

For the dress, we chose Toronto designers, Ines in Santo, to keep with themes. Our first look is a luxurious ball dress, (Sylvie – 2018 design) which has a dramatic flower and train printing that works perfectly with our look. We want a second different dress and tense which is why we chose to go with a red and black lace dress.

Overall, we want to show that marriage is a mechanical partner and it’s okay to be different. Different to make a lasting impression.

If you are looking for Toronto wedding planners to design different and full weddings with perfect designs, then my girl is. I will work with you to make it a wedding to remember. Contact me today to order your discovery call to see if we will be very suitable for each other. I can’t wait to hear what you have planned for your wedding – let’s make it extraordinary!

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