Features of Java Keywords

The features of Java Keywords are also called java buzzwords. They are simple and object oriented. They are not dependent on any platform. These are highly secured and are robust. They are architecturally neutral and portable. They are dynamic and highly interpreted. They guarantee a high performance and are multi headed. The features are distributed. All the features are described briefly here under-


Java is simple in so many ways. It has a syntax which is based on C++ which is easier to be learnt by all the programmers. They have omitted many features which were confusing and were not used any more. There is a feature of Automatic Garbage Collection in Java programs for which you do not need to remove or omit any unreferenced object if it occurs in any program.

Object oriented

It is a type of software that is compatible with both data and behavior and you need to organize it as a combination of various types of objects. It uses a technique that set some rules and conditions to simplify your software development and maintenance. The basic concepts of this methodology include class, object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation.

Platform independent

The hardware or software that is provided for proper functioning of the program is called its platform. They can be either hardware based of software based. The java platform which is software based runs above the hardware based programs. They have components like runtime environment and application programming interface. Java codes are compatible with several other platforms such as Linux, Windows, etc. They are changed into

byte code after being combined by a compiler. This byte code does not depend on any platform because it can run on many platforms.


Java is considered secure and safe because the programs run in a virtual machine sandbox and it does not require any pointer. The class holder secures it by dividing it into two different packages or classes. The local file package is separated with the imported file packages. The access to violation of right can be checked by byte code verifier. The security manager keeps a check on what resources a class can access.


It provides a strong memory management to java. The automatic garbage collection helps the software that makes it strong. The lack of pointers keeps the security problems away. The mechanisms like exceptional handling and type checking makes the java strong.

Architecture Neutral

There are no features in the software that depends on the implementation such as the sizes of primitive types are already been set.


The java byte code can be carried to any platform.

High performance

It is even faster than the all traditional interpretation but it is slower than a compiled language like C++.


You can create many different distributed systems in this software. The distributed applications can be created by RMI and EJB. The files can be accessed by using any methods on internet.


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