Fildena | Sildenafil Citrate Purple Pill

Fildena drug contains an active ingredient as a compound to increase blood flow to the penis to beat erectile dysfunction and that ingredient is sildenafil citrate which is also called a member of the PDE-5 inhibitor group. All men need to read fildena reviews to know more about this purple drug and this information can be found at A drug called fildena works to miraculously turn a weak erection into a hard one, hence fildena is known as a miracle drug. All men who want to know the effect of this drug on ED need to read fildena reviews. Men who take this medicine at the time prescribed by the doctor will be able to stay in bed for 4-6 hours. Sexual pleasure depends on a solid erection and for a solid erection all men need to rely on the medicine called fildena because the ingredient that this medicine contains works to grow the penis and that ingredient is sildenafil citrate. Men who take this medicine half an hour before sexual intercourse will be able to strengthen their weak penis. Men whose penis becomes weak during sexual intercourse can be said to be going through sexual diseases and there is only one best option available in the market and that is fildena medicine. ED drug available in the market does not have the ability to provide expected results like fildena so people prefer fildena.

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