Free Ringtone For Mobile Download

The first ringtones were simple monophonic jingles, but in time, technology improved and different ringtone formats were introduced. The first polyphonic ringtone was launched by Nokia in 2002. Polyphonic ringtones layer several instruments and notes at once to create an enhanced resemblance to the original song. Today, you can even use audio clips as ringtones with cutting-edge mobile devices. These truetones are actually audio clips at

Choosing a ringtone for your mobile isn’t difficult once you know what type you want. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S phone, the default ringtone is “Android Phone”. A few years later, you’ll have to change the ringtone manually, but for now, you can choose one from among the many available. Most android phones now come with ringtones that are incredibly fascinating. Smart people don’t settle for a generic ringtone – they’ll download a custom one.

Aside from cellular phones, most people keep their music files on a computer. Using a free audio recording app, such as Audacity, you can create a ringtone on your smartphone without spending a dime. With this app, you can upload and edit audio files from your PC, and choose to play them back in your phone. You can also use the editing tools in these apps to change the volume, fade in/out, and adjust the song quality.

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