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English is without a doubt the most widely spoken language on the planet. In many parts of the globe, it is the language of science, technology, business, and trade. Documents, reports, and other materials must need English to Arabic Translation in Dubai by authorities. In many academic and other organizations, which is a problem that only competent, well-rounded, and skilled translators, such as our team at Bukhari Translation in Dubai, can meet. Even for words that don’t have any counterparts yet, they discover them.


We provide you with a localized translation that suits your expectations, no matter where you are or what your translation needs are. Sharjah translation services? Are you looking for translation services in Jeddah? Kuwaiti translation services?






Regardless of where you are!! Our internet legal English to Arabic Translation in Dubai are quick, affordable, and accurate.

You do not have to leave your home to obtain certified English to Arabic Translation in Dubai. Bukhari Translation’s great staff of translators is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide amazing translation services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Manama, Kuwait, and everywhere.

Our services are offered in other Middle Eastern nations such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and others, thanks to our significant technological resources and facilities.




Why use Bukhari Translation as your Arabic translation company in Dubai?


At Bukhari Translation, we provide high-quality English-to-Arabic translations at a low price. We offer our clients the greatest advantages from Dubai’s most competent translation services since we have a strong and capable team of highly skilled translators and copywriters.




Our Expertise


We offer the most cost-effective services because to our extensive and deep knowledge in all forms of document translation. We also offer every service fast, ensuring more secrecy and devotion to the assigned assignments.




  • Certified translation professional


  • Live English-Arabic translation in real time


  • Extensive and deep-seated experience


  • Technical translators with years of experience


  • Translations of the highest caliber




Bukhari Translation provides English to Arabic Translation in Dubai, and a variety of other languages within agreed-upon timelines for both individual and business customers. In Dubai, we also handle any urgent paperwork that require translation and attestation. We provide immaculate final draughts and submit work to customers in the quickest time possible thanks to our staff of native-speaking translators, editors, and reviewers.




We make the following commitments:


  • Document translation by a professional


  • Annual business report translations


  • Legal interpretations


  • Translations of website material


  • Translations of product descriptions


  • Localization


  • Translations for the media




Bukhari Translation, a prominent online translation business situated in Dubai, providing English to Arabic Translation in Dubai for all types of technical and non-technical documents in the UAE. Here, you may translate any personal, medical, academic, or technical paper or material.




  • Websites


  • Apps


  • Software


  • Videos


  • Transcripts


  • Manuals


  • Packaging


  • Brochures


  • Newsletters


  • Legal paperwork


  • Works of literature




Why you should choose Bukhari Translation for English to Arabic Translation in Dubai?


  • There are a variety of reasons why human talent is required when translating documents. Even while there are several software companies and apps that can translate into and out of any language. They cannot provide the accuracy and precision that an official document requires, which can only be provided by a highly qualified and talented translator.


  • Machine translation of papers is frequently quite wrong and may not be approved by authorities where the document is being presented, leave alone the absurd English to Arabic Translation that we see on menus and goods packaging from time to time when no human cognitive process is used.


  • When an English document is translated into Arabic, it often extends by roughly 25%, which may be inconvenient for the recipients of the documents. Other languages are predicted to have similar problems. As a result, experienced translators are needed to complete the project and meet all standards.


  • Due to text expansion, text documents frequently require minor changes or modifications to maintain the document’s organization and structure. It can only be accomplished by a human translator for English to Arabic Translation in Dubai.


  • Machine translations cannot provide the required credentials and qualifications to translate from any other language to Arabic as required by UAE government law.


  • Bukhari Translation’s English to Arabic Translation in Dubai mixes artificial intelligence (AI) and human skill efficiently. This hybrid was the missing piece in the puzzle to fill a void in the market. The combination of cutting-edge technologies and a distinguished and carefully selected pool of qualified specialists. We ensures that consumers will obtain flawless translation services in the quickest period feasible in the industry.

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