Global Dry Shampoo Market trends and analysis

Dry shampoo refers to the shampoo that cleans hair and reduces hair greasing without requiring water. It is mainly available in two forms all over the world namely aerosol spray and powder. Dry shampoo works by absorbing the oil present in the hair and the scalp. It makes the hair look fresh and shiny. With the growth of the fashion industry and rising fashion consciousness among people, the sales of dry shampoo are climbing all over the world. 

Moreover, the emergence of advanced formula-based hare care solutions has made dry shampoo extremely popular among hair stylists and models. This is because the excessive usage of chemical hair stylers and conventional wet shampoo causes scalp issues and makes the hair dry and brittle, which subsequently leads to hair fall. As a result, hair stylists and individuals are increasingly preferring products such as dry shampoo that eliminate the requirement for excessive hair washing. 

As per the findings of Unilever, around 83% of the women residing in the U.S. skip hair wash at least once during a week. Besides this, dry shampoo allows people to reduce the time taken for hair cleaning and styling. This is why dry shampoo is the ideal hair cleaning product for people who are frequently traveling. This product is also rapidly becoming highly sought after among the working-class people. 

This is because working-class individuals, usually, don’t have enough time on their hands for elaborate and thorough hair washing and styling procedures due to the hectic nature of their jobs. Moreover, they need regular hair cleaning because of dirt and pollution and frequent traveling from one place to another. The advent of innovative dry shampoo products such as tinted dry shampoo, glitter dry shampoo, and dry shampoo texture sprays is further boosting the worldwide popularity of dry shampoo. 

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the aggressive advertising campaigns being launched by the dry shampoo producing companies and the growth of the e-commerce industry are also propelling the sales of dry shampoo across the world. This is, in turn, driving the progress of the global dry shampoo market. According to the forecast of P&S Intelligence, a market research firm based in India, the market would exhibit explosive growth in the forthcoming years. 

Historically, the sales of dry shampoo products have been observed to be the highest in North America. However, in the coming years, the demand for these products is predicted to be the highest in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This would be because of the development of anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff dry shampoo, the growth of retail stores, and the rising adoption of advanced hair care products by the people of the APAC countries.

Hence, it can be safely concluded that the sales of dry shampoo would soar all over the world in the years to come, mainly because of the growing requirement for advanced hair care products, the rising need for dry hair cleaning solutions, and the surging fashion consciousness among people across the world. 

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