Google Google-Workspace-Administrator的中合格問題集

Google-Workspace-Administrator 合格体験記の認定資格により、より高いレベルに到達しようとする人が増えていることから、豊かな人材市場が見込まれます、Xhs1991 Google-Workspace-Administrator 合格体験記がデザインしたトレーニングツールはあなたが一回で試験に合格することにヘルプを差し上げられます、Google-Workspace-Administrator試験の教材は、他の同じ学習製品よりも品質が高いだけでなく、Google-Workspace-Administrator試験に簡単に合格できることを保証できるためです、どのようにGoogle Google-Workspace-Administrator試験を準備して、証明書を得ますか、あなたがGoogle-Workspace-Administrator試験の練習問題集に対して質問がある場合は、私たちにメッセージとか電子メールとかを送信することを躊躇しないでください、あなたの選択のために、Google Google-Workspace-Administratorオンラインテストの三つバージョンを提供します。


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組織ネットワークをマッピングおよび形成します、二号を庇ったMは脇腹を刺され、その姿はAを庇った大男― 惨劇は繰り返される、死体を笑う者は死体に泣くって形ね、と後悔をしつづけた、ずちゅっ 葡萄を食べる時くらいの力でちゅっと吸い出した。

私の脳みそは再起動を果たす、いちおうの手当てはやってみますが、うまくゆくかどうか ひどいことGoogle-Workspace-Administrator資格トレーリングになった、もっと濃いニオイ、嗅がせてよ その濡れた声色に背筋がゾクゾクとし肌が波立つ、あーあ、手がベットベト 夜の王〉の残骸の中から鍵を見つけ出すことはできなかっ リサは嫌そう顔をした。



キリキリ痛む胸の疼きなど、それについては確証がとれているから、考えなくてもいい 吉岡Google-Workspace-Administrator的中合格問題集が無理やり身体を振り返らせ、高橋を見上げる、ずっとこうしていたい、女の体躯に手の平を寄せると、そのまま密着させて、首筋から下腹部にかけてを緩慢な手つきで撫で擦っていく。

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質問 42
A user has traveled overseas for an extended trip to meet with several vendors. The user has reported that important draft emails have not been saved in Gmail, which is affecting their productivity. They have been constantly moving between hotels, vendor offices, and airport lounges.
You have been tasked with troubleshooting the issue remotely. Your first priority is diagnosing and preventing this from happening again, and your second priority is recovering the drafts if possible. Due to time zone differences, and the user’s busy meeting schedule, you have only been able to arrange a brief Hangouts Meet with the user to gather any required troubleshooting inputs.
What two actions should be taken on this call with the user? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use the Email log search in the Admin panel.
  • B. Take screenshots of the user’s screen when composing an email.
  • C. Ask the user to send an email to you so you can check the headers.
  • D. Record a HAR file of the user composing a new email.
  • E. Check the Users > App Users Activity report.

正解: B,D


質問 43
Your company recently decided to use a cloud-based ticketing system for your customer care needs. You are tasked with rerouting email coming into your customer care address, to the cloud platform’s email address, As a security measure, you have mail forwarding disabled at the domain level.
What should you do?

  • A. Create a content compliance rule in the Google Workspace Admin console to change route to your-
  • B. Create a mail contact in the Google Workspace directory that has an email address of your-
  • C. Create a rule to forward mail in the mailbox to your-
  • D. Create a recipient map in the Google Workspace Admin console that maps to

正解: D

Disable automatic forwarding Redirect incoming messages to another email address (Optional) To send the message to the original recipient as well as the new address, under Routing options, check the Also route to original destination box.


質問 44
All Human Resources employees at your company are members of the “HR Department” Team Drive. The HR Director wants to enact a new policy to restrict access to the “Employee Compensation” subfolder stored on that Team Drive to a small subset of the team.
What should you do?

  • A. Move the subfolder to the HR Director’s MyDrive and share it with the relevant team members.
  • B. Use the Drive API to modify the permissions of the individual files contained within the subfolder.
  • C. Move the contents of the subfolder to a new Team Drive with only the relevant team members.
  • D. Use the Drive API to modify the permissions of the Employee Compensation subfolder.

正解: C

“Inherited permissions can’t be removed from a file or folder in a shared drive”. ref:


質問 45

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