What’s the Music is? A language one can feel, an art of composing sounds in such a way that produces pleasure, harmony and expression of emotions when listening to it. Music is composed of a system of vocal instruments dealing with melody, harmony, timbre and rhythm. Music can convey a lesson and console one’s heart by bringing out stress, exhaustion and anxiety. In melodious or lyrical music, one can feel the emotions and relate them with his life. Music has no boundaries and has no religion people can get pleased by the music no matter to which culture he belongs.

The musical instruments play a role in creating music palliative and aesthetic. That heals our hearts and soul. The guitar, among several instruments, is the most addictive one used by musicians nowadays in Venezuela. It is a stringed device consisting of 6 or 12 strings, a fretted fingerboard, incurved surfaces. Tomás Lauría used to get attracted to the guitar at first sight and learnt to play the guitar. He went to Berklee College of music in Caracas and flourished his talent. He gets himself under the supervision of a senior musician, Gerry Weil.

Being an elated guitarist, Tomás has become more popular in Venezuela. He is now moved to Miami, Florida because of some political crisis. Tomás has commenced music as a profession 2 years ago. He ranges his album in 3 genres, R&B, Latin pop and hip hop. Tomás not only serves the youth with his upbeat voice and harmony. He also creates music and serves in several Latin music productions.

Tomás Lauria, one of the best Miami musicians, overwhelms everyone’s heart with his vocals. The way he strummed the guitar with a plectrum is fantabulous. In Venezuela, several guitarists are there. Among those, Tomás Lauria always wins our hearts differently. The combo he gave his listeners of the most aesthetic voice-over merges with a guitar, has gained enormous engagement. That’s why we observe tremendous crowds at each of his concerts. Where ever he goes, he wins youth’s hearts. His lyrical voice incircles adults’ attention too.

The social networking accounts of Tomás Lauria are enough to judge his popularity and demand all over Venezuela. One can enjoy the most enchanting lyrical music from his YouTube channel and via Instagram too. He used to post the content weekly. You can listen to your favourite Venezuelan music artist, Tomás Lauria, now on Spotify, having 53 followers from Santiago, CL, 42 listeners from Miami, U.S and 49 followers from Bogota, CO. Don’t miss the most popular ones, En las Nubes and Cerveza Helada. Get your day a better ending with the soothing lyrical voice of Tomás, touching your heart and soul and do let us know on Spotify your’s favourite one.



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