Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide For First Time Consumers

It can be overwhelming to shop for CBD-rich hemp flowers for the first time.

We want your first experience with hemp flowers to be as simple as possible so we have created a buyer’s guide that will help you better navigate the market.

Hemp flower Buyer’s guide

First, you must know how to find a reliable supplier if you want to buy high quality CBD hemp flower. Only after you have found a reliable source, you can start to select your strains and decide if you want to purchase pre-rolls or bags of CBD hemp flower.

Find the best CBD Flower Company

There are several ways to check the quality of CBD flower suppliers, or any supplier of CBD products.

Third Party Lab Testing

Are they able to provide third-party lab reports validating the CBD flower’s contents? To ensure that you get the CBD product you want, third-party testing is a must.

Source for CBD Flower Source

From where do they source their CBD flower? You should only choose organically grown hemp flowers in clean and arable areas in the USA. Otherwise, the soil could contain harmful heavy metals and toxins.

Customer Reviews

Are they able to provide reliable reviews from customers? CBD is a well-established product that makes it easy to find reputable companies in the market.

No Bold Health Claims

Are they making bold claims about CBD’s health benefits? It is illegal to make any medical claims about CBD. Therefore, CBD companies shouldn’t claim that CBD prevents, treats or cures any serious illness.

Reputable Industry Links

Are there any other organizations associated with the brand? The National Hemp Association and the Hemp Industries Association are two organizations worth looking out for.

How do you choose the best CBD strain

Once you’ve found a reliable supplier, you can start to select your favorite strains or chemovars. We may have as many as 25 different hemp flower strains on our website at any given time (CBD budspre-rolls), so how do you begin?

It’s important that you consider all the reasons for which you are choosing a flower and the timeframe in which you will be using it. You will need to make decisions about CBD potency, taste, and effect, regardless of whether you are trying CBD-rich hemp flowers for your own health, for better mood, focus, or for user experience.

Depending on the original reason for wanting it, each factor should receive a different weight.


Every strain will display its CBD content. This is usually expressed in percentages. A good hemp flower company will provide third party lab reports to verify the advertised potency and the presence of any other cannabinoids.

Keep in mind that stronger is not always better. If you’re starting to smoke, it may be a good idea to use a lower-potent product while you find your perfect dosage.


You can make a strain’s flavor as strong as you like. You have so many options, why not choose the best?

The terpene profile of the chemovar determines the different aromas and flavors you’ll find when you smoke CBD flower. This also influences the strain’s overall effects.

Many companies provide detailed strain descriptions that are similar to the ones found on wine bottles. Although not everyone is sensitive or has the ability to pick out subtleties such as a “cherry smell” or a hint of pineapple, once you have tried a few strains you will be able to tell the difference.

You can enjoy a wide range of aromas by looking for bundles, or variety packs, which allow you to try many different flavors at a reduced price.

Because each strain has a unique cannabinoid profile and terpene profile, it may have different effects. This could make them more suitable for times when there is work to do, errands, or times when you just want to unwind, relax, and switch off.

We’ve divided our strains into Daytime and Nighttime categories for your convenience. Some daytime strains can be uplifting, energizing, focused, and motivating. Nighttime strains can be more sedating and are great for relaxing after a long day.

How to Smoke your CBD Flower

Your choice of how you smoke your flower can also impact your purchasing decision. While pre-rolls can be convenient, buying hemp flower in bags offers greater versatility and more value.

Loose flowers that come as small, CBD-rich buds are especially affordable and offer a great way to get started if you want to smoke smokable flowers without spending a lot.


Pre-rolls work exactly the same way they sound. Pre-rolled CBD flower, which has been pre-rolled and ground into a joint. Ready to be smoked. These are great for enjoying on-the-go, as you don’t have to break down and roll your own joints.

In a Pipe, or Bong

Although it is the easiest way to get CBD flower is to smoke your cannabis in a bong or pipe, it can be quite harsh for those who are not used to smoking.

If you want to combine a bong or pipe with high-THC flowers, you can do so.

Dry Herb Smoke

Dry herb vaporizers are also available that allow you to smoke pure CBD flowers without any combustion. Your flower will be heated enough to activate the vape and vaporize any cannabinoids without burning it.

Experts recommend that you smoke CBD flower in a dry herb vaper. This preserves the aromas of the buds and keeps them soft.

What Can you Expect

Although CBD flower does not give you high, some people feel a slight buzz. The immediate effects of CBD flower are not noticeable for others until much later.

Start slowly, and only take small amounts of CBD when you first start smoking it. While CBD flower can be taken in high doses, it is not possible to overdose. We recommend starting with smaller amounts and seeing how CBD affects you.

It is important to stick to a regular CBD routine. It will not be beneficial to take CBD only a few times per week. You will gradually feel your body’s Endocannabinoid System balance if you stick to a regular routine.

CBD has a profound effect on the lives of many people.

Shopping at Colorado Breeders Depot

Colorado Breeders Depot makes shopping easy.

Use our personal shopper

Our personal shopping assistant can help you choose the right strains for your needs. We’ll match you with the perfect strains if you answer a few questions about your CBD flower experience.

Shop with effect

You can also shop by the desired effect. To help you narrow your search, we have divided all our strains into two categories. We have strains that are more suitable for daytime (more energizing and uplighting), and those that are more suited for nighttime (more sedating).

Special Bundles

Still can’t decide? We offer discounted variety packs for customers who want to try a wide range of strains. This allows you to test many different strains before choosing your favorite.


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