Here are the new rules for scooters

Still no obligation for license plate and insurance

There has been a lot of talk about it, but now the time has come for ad hoc regulations for electric scooters. On November 9, the Infrastructure decree was converted into law, introducing various changes to the Highway Code, including new obligations for the production and marketing of scooters, but also new traffic restrictions, starting with speed limits and traffic bans. stop.

Still too early, however, for the obligation to have a license plate and insurance.

The growth of scooters

Since electric scooters have entered our daily life, some issues have emerged related to safety on the roads, but also the order and decorum of cities, given the possibility of parking anywhere.

The first victims of road accidents aboard scooters have accelerated the path of ad hoc regulations, which have long been discussed in Europe as well. The production and sharing companies, meanwhile, want to ride the wave and monetize the investments made for the development of the means and services that manage them.

In search of balance

The legislator is therefore looking for a balance. On the one hand, the need to guarantee safety and decorum; on the other hand, the freedom of economic initiative of the companies that deal with scooters and the will of the citizens, who appreciate vehicles for their handling and ease of use. 

The speed

The speed limit for scooters is 20km / h. Considering that often the vehicles, based on their power, can reach higher speeds, scooters should have electronic limiters that prevent this limit from being exceeded. In pedestrian areas, the limit will be 6 km / h.

No parking on pavements

Scooters can no longer be parked on pavements. As you can easily guess, the problem of parking did not arise concerning private vehicles (rarely left unattended) but for those in sharing.

The new legislation obliges the companies that manage the service to ask the user for a demonstration photo of the place where the scooter was placed at the end of the ride. The rental (and therefore the payment) will be blocked only after the release has been verified.

Lights and arrows

The scooters sold after July 1, 2022, must be fitted with lights, turn signals and stop. Owners of previously purchased vehicles will have time to adapt, modifying their scooters by January 1, 2024. After this date, drivers and owners of irregular scooters may be sanctioned.

No insurance (for now)

For now, the proposal to introduce the obligation to equip scooters with license plates and insurance for civil liability does not pass. However, it appears to be an intermediate step, given the growing number of accidents and ongoing discussions in several states.

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