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TMS is designed for the employee. It is designed to determine which employees are the best candidates and which of them should have compensation changes.

In the end, the most important thing is that these systems are utilized in perfect concert with each other. Also, technology is never really the same for every company. What works for one company may be quite useless to another. This is because the goals of these companies for electronic learning will vary. This goal should first be determined in order for the company to realize which systems should be implemented and how. Of course, the budget of the company and its hardware resources should also be considered. Are any of these elearning technologies viable for them? Which would be the perfect fit considering the goals and the resources? This choice is very important and it will leave the company’s development team will have a great responsibility on their hands. They will have to cover research, curriculum development, content, management of the designers, subject matter experts, and the online trainers if any will be used.

Though the technology has a big part to play, of course it will also boil down to how willing the employee is to learn via this mode of training. There are after all some who are not open yet to this new form of education. Creating a culture of technological acceptance and familiarization is important to help motivate one’s workforce towards acceptance of elearning software solutions. After all, they will all sooner or later have to join in the wave of the future. Our increasingly technologically developing business society shows no more room for close minded traditionalists. For better or for worse, companies are now accepting that elearning has now become as much a part of businesses as the computer and the internet.



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