Horlicks Canada: An adventure into the world of Horlicks

horlicks canada

Horlicks Canada is one of the biggest brands of health and wellness beverage brands. Marketers have a tough time promoting their products because the company doesn’t have a simple and clear value proposition. It’s a health drink, but it’s also a meal replacement and it’s also a sports drink. It’s hard to find a unique place for Horlicks to fit in and it’s also difficult to market to consumers.

Horlicks is a very famous name in Canada. It is a brand that has been around for a long time and is one of the most trusted brands in Canada. In this blog, we will tell you the story of how Horlicks emerged as a brand and what journey they have taken to get to where they are today.

What are Horlicks?

Horlicks is a tasty rice-based beverage with a great story. The recipe was created in 1865 by John Lawson Johnston, an Irish doctor working in the military hospital of Pune (now Pune), India during the British Raj. Johnston’s son was ill with bronchitis and tuberculosis, so Johnston devised Horlicks as a nutritious drink to make him stronger. The name “Horlicks” was used after two of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ novels: “Chronicle of a Death Foretold‟ and “Love in the Time of Cholera”.

Why You Should Try Horlicks on a Cold Winter Night

On a cold winter night, we recommend having a warm bowl of Horlicks. When the temperature begins to be dropped, the weather starts to bite and it gets late you’ll want to sit back and have something nice to eat after a day’s hard work. We think that eating a bowl of Horlicks is perfect for when you’re looking for something warming to eat after having been outside on an especially chilly evening.

Horlicks help you fall asleep fast

Horlicks is the drink for you if you have trouble falling asleep. It contains magnesium, which calms your body down and helps with relaxation. Also, it has a great taste that is by far the best of all malt drinks.

How Horlicks is an Oasis of Warmth and Tasty Treat

Horlicks is an oasis of warmth and a tasty treat for those who are the early bird always pressed for time. Families love Horlicks, especially the way it inspires little ones’ imaginations and creativity.

How Horlicks is made

How Horlicks is made is an interesting read full of information that allows the reader to truly appreciate what goes into making a great product.

Horlicks, The Promising Beverage for Achieving a Lively Mind

Horlicks, is a drink specifically designed to promote alertness in the body. Horlicks, The Promising Beverage for Achieving a Lively Mind at Your Local Shop


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