How Boho Style can Elevate Your Home’s Insides

Interior design is quite a fickle discipline. Interior design is a fickle discipline. Trends can change at a moment’s notice. This makes high-concept interiors, which were once popular, look sorely out of date. In the past 20 years, there have been many changes in interior design styles, including colour blocks and modern-inspired interiors.

DIY interior designers have a constant concern that they don’t have the resources to create timeless interior spaces. It’s not always true, you’ll be shocked to learn. Bohemian and ‘boho style interior design allow DIY designers to create a space that is their own while still following a pre-existing style. Country Blinds’ team of designers has been expanding their selection of boho curtains.

You want to learn all you need to know about bringing the boho style to your home. For timeless boho interiors that are timeless, read on.

Designing with natural materials

Boho interior design is known for its respect for natural materials. Bohemian design is about connecting with the earth, the various cultures, societies, and people who inhabit it. Boho decor often includes accents and decor made from natural materials such as cotton, leather and jute. Wall hangings such as ornate woven tapestries look great next to woven rugs, cushions and throws. These fabric accents can add colour and softness to your space, while also contrasting with wicker or timber furniture.

You’ll notice a significant improvement in the ambience of your home when you introduce natural materials. This elevation can also be aided by hemp curtains or linen curtains. How does it work? It is because natural materials can be incorporated into interior design schemes that will create a balance between your home and the outside world. Boho interiors are not only about using cultural accents.

Designing flexible interiors in neutral tones

Boho spaces can be very noisy, which could cause you to have a problem with their style. Bohemian elements can make it difficult to keep balance in interiors, especially when they come from different parts of the globe. Boho interiors are a mix of many different textures, colours and patterns. It is important to maintain balance in your space by keeping the concrete elements as neutral as possible. Concrete elements are large furniture pieces that cannot be replaced with the seasons. You can swap out your patterned curtains with more muted, neutral-tone curtains, but it is also possible to make your window coverings match as much as you like.

Because of their versatility, neutral tones are also back in fashion. Natural colours such as ash, olive, taupe and oatmeal are easy to style and will feel right at home no matter what season. These neutral colors can help to ensure that your interior space bounces back after any accents have been removed.

Your boho curtains might not look right in a certain room because of the décor or accents. These are bohemian but have a different style to your curtains. For DIY interior designers who want to create and maintain a Bohemian-inspired space, it is important to have a few sets of natural-looking curtains.

Creating a balance between functionality and care in boho-inspired interiors

A room that has boho elements doesn’t necessarily have to be functional. Boho spaces are defined by their eclectic use of decor and arrangement. However, the foundations of any boho room are more than capable to be any interior space in your home. Parents are increasingly using boho elements in designing their nursery rooms. Boho design styles emphasize diversity in colour and texture, which makes nursery rooms more sensory-rich and open.

Boho nursery spaces can provide your baby with visual and textural enrichment. They also help keep your nursery gender neutral. The stereotypical gender-neutral colours of ivory walls and white clouds are being replaced by neutral tones walls featuring a variety of posters, landscape art, tapestries, and other artwork. To enhance the textured look of their nursery, some parents add texture window coverings such as shabby chic curtains that are layered under their versatile nursery blocking curtains.

You can see that creating a boho-inspired interior is all about making sure your interiors are solid enough to let your boho decor and accents shine. Country Blinds has a wide selection of boho curtains. Shop now and create boho interiors that reflect your personal style and tastes.

You can also take a look at our beautiful natural and neutral look curtains and blinds to make sure your boho interiors will be timeless.


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