How can I alter the date of my Southwest Airlines flight?

Southwest Airlines updates its aviation policies

People frequently find themselves needing to change their flying plans for a variety of reasons. Despite the fact that everyone is aware that reservations are only made after great consideration and planning, occasionally unexpected events prevent people from carrying out their original plans.

The airlines have developed a particular flight change policy as a result, which outlines the choices passengers must make in the event that they choose to alter their itinerary.

Please refer to this page for more details if you have already made a reservation with Southwest Airlines and would like to make changes. After reading this essay, we guarantee that you will fully understand southwest change flight policy.

Protocols for Southwest Airlines Flight Changes

Before examining the procedure, we’ll first talk about Southwest Airlines’ cancellation and change procedures.

Important specifics of Southwest Airlines’ flight-change policy include the following:


  1. The requirements for Wanna Go Away tickets, southwest airlines change flight, are somewhat strict. According to Southwest Airlines’ Modify Flight Policy, there are no costs for changes made up to 10 minutes before the planned departure of the aircraft. The amount of their ticket will therefore be changed into Travel Funds, which can be used to book additional travel within a year of the original purchase date without being charged extra.


  1. You may change your flight up to 10 minutes before to the scheduled departure time if you have a ticket with Anytime or Business Select. The cost of the ticket will be converted into Travel Funds, which can be used within a year of the date of purchase without incurring a change fee, if the traveller is unable to make the modifications and does not show up at the time of flight departure. However, if Fast Rewards points were used to pay for the ticket, the points will be returned to their account for future use.


  1. Passengers on overseas flights may pay a different fare, but there are no extra charges for altering their ticket.


  1. There are a few exceptions for passengers who want to change fare classes. See the airline’s official website for more information on this. The taxes and levies associated with the new fare, in addition to the old ticket, will be charged to each passenger whose arrangements change on the same day.


  1. If a change needs to be made the same day, customers should call Southwest at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-998-6716), or they can ask a customer service representative if one is on duty at the airport ticket counter. You should be aware that you cannot book a global flight online within two


  1. Travelers have the option of changing their international flight in the event of unexpected operations. But to contact Southwest for customer service, call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-998-6716).

You can modify your online reservations for Southwest Airlines flights by doing the following:

  1. Go to c, the airline’s official website.
  2. You must select the top-positioned Change/Cancel tab.
  3. You must input information such as your confirmation code and first and last names in order to check the details of your flight reservation.
  4. You must click the search button after providing the necessary information.
  5. After selecting the flight you want to change, click Choose New Flights. Both the departure and return locations will be shown if you booked a circular journey.
  6. After selecting your flight, make any required changes before confirming your selections.

We hope that by the time you read this essay’s conclusion, you had a good understanding of Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy. Despite the fact that all of the data on If you still have questions after reading this page’s explanations, you can get in touch with Southwest Airlines’ customer care team, which will provide you with timely assistance and help you resolve your problems.

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