How Do I Deal With Harassing Calls From Unknown Numbers

Receiving harassing calls from an unknown number can be difficult to deal with, leaving you to wonder what you should do to make these calls stop. Understand that is only natural for you to feel a mixture of negative emotions such as frustration, anger, anxiety or fear towards these calls Portfolio recovery associates.

However, no matter what you may feel, the two actions you should not take in dealing with the harasser is to ignore them, or call them back. Ignoring the calls will not make them stop, and calling the person back may only make the situation worse. So what can you do? Try the following:

Find out more information on the caller – Obtain their phone number through caller ID. If you do not yet have this service subscribe to it. Once you have their number, enter it into a reverse phone lookup to find out their name and location. You’ll be given theses details for free if the number is listed in a phone directory. If not, you will be required to pay for the search if you wish to obtain a better chance at finding the info you seek.

If the number is blocked and the harasser’s information is not provided with caller ID, phone up your telephone company and ask them to block all calls made from private numbers that do not show up on your call display. That way the next time the harassing caller phones, he/she will receive an automated message that explains you do not accept calls from blocked numbers, and then it will provide them with details on how they can unblock it.

Contact your local phone company – If the harassing calls become more frequent, notify the company that provides service to your phone and explain the problem you are having. Depending on your situation, and the phone provider’s policy, they may request that you file an official complaint with the police before they will help you deal with the situation.

That said, your phone company may try to catch the harasser by placing a “Trap” on your phone line in an attempt to trace the location of the caller. They may also inform you to dial *57 on your touch-tone phone directly after you receive the harassing call, which begins an automatic call trace.

File a complaint with the authorities – If a harasser ever threatens physical harm to you or anyone in your home, immediately notify the police and file a compliant. Your complaint should be as detailed as possible and include information such as:

– Date and time the call was made

– What was said during the call

– What the person sounded like (male, female, robotic, accent, etc.)

– Background noises

– A phone number or name if it was displayed on caller ID

The final option you have if you cannot


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