How to ByPass Yahoo Phone Number Verification?

Phone Number verification is a very important step when people want to create a Yahoo email account however, there are many people who want to bypass this phone number verification as they do not want to share their phone number with the application and that is why they look for methods that will tell them how to bypass yahoo verification code

Here we are going to tell you the method that you can use when you want to skip the phone number verification on the Yahoo application. 

How Can you Bypass Yahoo Phone Number Verification?

The security features of Yahoo require that all people input their mobile numbers into their yahoo email account however, it is common for people to not do the same and that is why they look for yahoo verification code hack that will help you in doing the same. 

Method 1: Use Google Voice or textNow

The first method is to use an application like Google Voice or TextNow as these applications will help you in calling your phone number from a different device. These applications will help you when you want to send text messages from the computer and bypass any verifications process that you need to cross. 

Method 2: Use a different Email Address

If you want to complete phone verification bypass then, you can also use a different email address if you do not trust a third-party application. You can easily create a new email address that will ensure that you cross the phone number verification easily.

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