How to Embroider a Custom Baby Car Seat Cover (Embroidery Project)

Have you ever found baby seat covers to be too high-priced, whereas conjointly not finding specifically what you’re wanting for? If thus, you’re not alone…

diy baby seat adorned 

Instead of selling cash into one thing you don’t like that a lot of anyway, why not produce one you’ll like yourself? during this article, we’ll show you ways to make and individualise them whereas on a budget in best embroidery tools.

Why produce & embroider a tailored baby seat cowl

Buying baby things is usually thus high-priced, stores apprehend baby things area unit essential, so that they usually upcharge their costs. once making and embroidering this baby seat cowl, it’ll solely price a fraction of the value of a factory-made item. you may be able to customise the seat cowl with the baby’s name or nursery theme to provide it additional of a customized feel. 

Now confine mind, you don’t got to use this cute elephant style that we’re showing throughout this tutorial for your seat cowl. to actually individualise your custom adorned  baby seat cowl, you’ll opt for any style from list large list of children’s embroidery styles, otherwise you will produce your style text or image with our free 30-day Hatch embroidery code trial!

Creating a baby seat cowl are often necessary throughout the colder winter months because it are often advised to not place your baby into their seat in a very outer garment. As they’re going to not have the maximum amount insulation, this will facilitate keep heat within for your baby to retain heat. A seat cowl may also facilitate block the sun, wind, and snow once out for a walk or to move them from within to your automobile. Throughout this pandemic, the duvet may also facilitate guard your baby as a defend from any coughs, sneezing, or mouth secretions which will occur from individuals around you. 

This baby seat cowl is multi-purposeful. It shields your baby from outside temperatures and other people, and might even be used as a blanket if you forget yours or dirty the one you have got. you’ll conjointly lay the seat cowl down if you didn’t bring a dynamical pad to guard your baby from any dirty surfaces, or use it as a nursing cowl to defend your baby if you are feeling the necessity to try and do thus. 

Since you’re able to individualise your baby seat cowl, you manage the thread color, stabilizer, and fabric, which implies you’ll opt for the most effective appropriate your cowl. whether or not {you opt for|you select|you decide on} a thicker material to make sure a hotter temperature or choose a better material that’s easier to continue laundry, there area unit lots of decisions. 

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Supplies needed for this baby seat cover:

1 yard every of 2 complimentary materials (I opt for 2 microfiber fabrics)

Perfect stick stabilizer

Heat n gone topping

Cute elephant style snoozing

Cute elephant style with eye open

Cute elephant sleeping 

Baby seat cowl project tutorial:

Step one -Cut 2 2 x 12″ items for straps from the rear of the project material from the breadth of the material.

Step two -Cut remaining materials materials by the breadth of the material.

Step three -Hoop good stick stabilizer paper facet up to suit your hoop. Score AN X within the paper and peel the paper away. Set your hoop aside.

stick stabilizer paper

Step four -Fold the front piece of material lengthwise in 0.5, live live down from the fold.

Step five -Place first style model targeted targeted down from the fold.

centering embroidery style

Step vi -Center the material in hoop and sew style.

center material embroidery style

Step seven -Place second style model around around down from the primary style and 8″ from the left edge and sew the planning.

embroidery style model

Step eight -Place your third style model around around down from your 1st style and 8″ from the proper edge and sew your style.

measuring embroidery style

Step nine -Place the front piece of material (with designs) right sides in conjunction with the second piece of material for the rear.

Step ten -Stitch around all four sides, going a gap to show right facet out.

Step eleven -Turn right facet out and topstitch all sides closing the gap.

Step twelve -Fold one piece of the 4″ x12″ material right sides along and sew the long edge. flip within out and topstitch round the strap to shut each ends, with the seam within the center.

Step thirteen -Repeat step sixteen for the second piece of 4″ x12″ material.

Step fourteen -Fold seat cowl in 0.5 to search out the middle of the project. Mark 4″ over from the middle in each directions.

car seat cowl directions

Step fifteen -Stitch the middle of every strap at the 4″ marks.

stitching seat straps

Step sixteen -Place velcro on each ends to connect the strap to the seat handle.

velcro seat handle

Step seventeen -Attach to the seat by fastening straps round the handle.

attaching seat handles

Voila! You’ve created your cute customized baby seat.

diy baby seat adorned 


embroider your own baby seat cowl

Create and embroider your baby seat for your own personal use or gift for a lover. With nothing else on the market quite identical, you’re absolute to get compliments where you go. glorious quality and budget-friendly, there’s no reason to not begin your tailored baby seat protect your youngsters, a lover, or a customized gift.

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