How to Get Free Rego Due Sticker in the Mail

Stickers for your snowboard are cool. Free stickers in the mail are even cooler. Everyone has to have stickers but no one wants to pay for them. So how do you get free stickers for your snowboard? There are several easy and really easy options to get this done.

The simplest way is for someone to just hand you a Rego Due Sticker. This isn’t going to happen unless you are walking around a snowboard event like the US Open or the X-Games. Vendors at these events are hungry for people to take their stickers so they give them to anyone who asks or is walking by their booth.

The other option is to get lucky when you buy a product. Often when you buy snowboard equipment, the company, if they are smart, will send a few stickers with the order. This doesn’t always happen however and some products you don’t even buy online so they don’t ship them so you don’t get the stickers you want. Think about energy drinks like Rock Star or Monster. Their stickers are some of the best and I have never been offered a free sticker when I bought a Monster energy drink at my local Quickie Mart.

A third option is to go to a retailer that specializes in snowboard or skateboard gear or clothing like Zumiez and ask for free stickers. They usually have a ton just sitting around taking up space so they might as well be on your board.

The problem remains, however. How can I get free stickers in the mail?

The easiest way that requires the least amount of effort that I know of is to contact the companies directly. It is totally free and can even be done while you sit on your couch and watch Robot Chicken reruns too. You can either call them up, send a letter, fill out the contact form on their website, or email them directly. You can pick and choose which companies to contract which requires you to hunt down email addresses and sort through all of the website mumbo-jumbo to find the snail mail info or contact form. The easiest option is to find a website or forum that has a list of this information already compiled for you. Then you just pick and choose which company to contact for your free stickers.

This is not a perfect system because not all companies will send you the stickers for free but a lot of them will. The ones who don’t will usually want you to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to them (so they don’t have to pay postage) and then you’ll get your stickers. Others actually want you to send cash; usually a dollar or two. In those cases, you can decide how much time and effort you really want to spend on getting your free stickers but a few free stickers in the mail with very little effort is worth it.

Keep in mind that it will take at the minimum 2 weeks to get any stickers in the mail and usually longer. By the time you actually get the stickers, you will have forgotten that you sent out the email so it will be a nice surprise when they come. Free surprises are good right?

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