How to Save Jay as Night Falls

How to Save Jay as Night Falls

Jay is the one who makes the most sense and is the most likeable. In As Dusk Falls, here’s how to keep him alive.

As Dusk Falls Jay Bar INTERIOR/ NIGHT’s As Dusk Falls has a lot of different characters from different backgrounds. Jay Holt is one of the more important characters, and he stays in the story for almost the whole time. Not only does the player meet him several times while playing as Vince, but during the first and second books, the player also takes on his role.

Jay is by far one of the more likeable characters, and the game really wants players to feel sorry for him and what he’s going through. As Dusk Falls is about a young teenager who is forced into a crime spree, the player is asked to make sure Jay gets out of it safely. Here’s how to do that.

How to Save Jay When It Gets Dark Jay Was Shocked
Jay is in a dangerous situation because he is a member of the Holt Brothers. Even though he doesn’t always put himself in danger, he is in danger for a large part of As Dusk Falls and needs to be led in the right direction. Jay’s story has more than one ending, and in some of them, he can be saved. In the end, there are two possible ways for Jay’s story to end: either the police catch him or he makes it all the way to Canada. In Canada, he lives alone in a National Park and wants to make up with Zoe, so he asks her to meet with him. In this case, the players will take on the role of Zoe, and what they do during the visit will decide what happens to Jay.

If the player decides that Jay and the Holts are to blame for what happened in Desert Dream, they will be asked if they want to turn Jay in or forgive him. In this case, the player should choose to forgive Jay, because if they turn him in to the police, Jay will be arrested.
As the conversation goes on, the player will be given more options for what to say. So that they can get along again, the player should try to forgive Jay as much as possible. The important choice is not to tell the police about Jay.
If Jay is given to the police, there is a chance that he can be saved before he is killed. To do this, the player must choose to watch Jay get killed as Zoe. This means that Jay’s sentence will be changed, which will save his life.

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