How to use rodenticides to eliminate rodent pests

Rats and mice can become a plague if we do not treat them in time. We can often find these small animals inside or around our own home, especially if we have a garden or field, and also in livestock facilities.

If you have detected a rodent infestation, you need to act as soon as possible. In our post we tell you how you can eliminate this pest using rodenticides.

What are rodenticides

Rodenticides are products created specifically to eliminate the presence of rodents. Among the various species against which they are effective, the field rat, mice, voles, the black rat or the sewer rat, among others, stand out.

To more effectively eliminate annoying rodent pests, rodenticides are usually presented in different formats, thus adapting to each type of environment . Therefore, the wide range of Zotal Laboratories rodenticides offers solutions for different environments, including those with more adverse conditions such as sewers and drains, where the presence of water and humidity is greater than in other areas.

In addition, the use of these rodenticides is indicated for both livestock, industrial, food and domestic environments. For greater safety, these products incorporate a bitter substance, thus preventing ingestion by pets or people.

Types of rodenticides and how to use them to eliminate rodent pests

Currently there are different types of rodenticides with which you can kill rats and mice. The most common are fresh bait, block and liquid. Next, we detail what each of them can offer you:

Fresh pasta

Now you can eliminate rodent pests with a single dose and in a few days . Fresh paste solutions, such as ZYNRAT® BF Pasta Fresca , a rodenticide kill rats and mice effectively and without raising suspicions in the rest of the colony. Another product used as fresh bait for mice and rats is ZYNRAT® DN Pasta Fresca . Common crawl en Its effectiveness lies mainly in its preparation with special flours and oils, with which they manage to attract rodents until they eat them.

Bait holders

The use of rodenticide baits must be done by placing them inside a bait station. For greater security, they have an easy-open lid thanks to its security key, thus guaranteeing that pets or children cannot access it.

This format is also perfect for ending infestations outside, demonstrates. Its composition in plastic material makes it resistant to inclement weather and also protects it from light, thus better preserving the bait for ingestion.

liquid rodenticide

Liquid rodenticides are usually used to kill rodent infestations within a few days . The flavorings that these types of products often contain make them irresistibly attractive to these animals. They are especially effective in dry environments where there are also several food sources.

Its application method is very simple, since you only need to place several containers with this liquid in those places where the plague is found. Wait a couple of days to notice the results. In a short time, you will see how the infestation has come to an end.

What you should take into account when choosing a liquid rodenticide is whether it prevents its ingestion by humans or pets. This is especially important if you have animals in your home.


Placing the tail traps mice in areas where these animals pass by is very effective in capturing them. When passing over the support that contains this solution, the rodents will be immediately stuck.

This system is precisely the one used, with the addition of not using toxic substances, so it can be used in different situations without entailing any danger.

Although if what you prefer is a product that is already prepared, without the need to apply the glue yourself, the perfect solution . It is intended to control the presence of these small animals both in your home, in restaurants or shops .

Rodenticides in blocks

The main advantage of rodenticide blocks is their resistance. Due to their composition, they are not very sensitive to inclement weather and humidity, which makes them suitable for outdoor treatment.

In addition, they are very easy to use. You just have to introduce the blocks inside a bait holder, which you will place in those places where rodents are found or their passageways. Check them weekly and renew the blocks until you eliminate with the plague.

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