Hug vs. Health Insurance for Pets with Healthy Paws: Which Is Best?

On the surface, both Embrace and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance look relatively similar. However, there are several differences. Neither of these makes insurance better than the other, necessarily. It mostly depends on what you are looking for in your insurance company.

For example, Healthy Paws only covers accidents and illnesses, while Embrace offers a wellness add-on. If you’re not looking for wellness cures, that fact makes little difference. However, for those wanting wellness treatments, it can be a headache.

At first sight

Embrace pet insurance

  • It covers cats and dogs
  • Health and wellness coverage
  • Unlimited selection of the veterinarian
  • Out-of-state coverage
  • Dental diseases include
  • $ 15k cap per year

healthy paws

  • It covers cats and dogs
  • Medical coverage only
  • Unlimited selection of the veterinarian
  • Dental diseases not included
  • Unlimited benefits

Embrace Pet Insurance overview

Sadly, Abbraccio is not known for its customer service or speed in accepting complaints. Many people complain that their claims are being denied for pre-existing conditions that are unrelated to the current illness their pet is facing. For example, one reviewer said their dog has a pre-existing skin tag. The poor puppy fell off a set of steps and broke his leg. However, the company wouldn’t cover it due to the pre-existing skin tag.

Their plans are a little more expensive, but they cover things that other insurance companies don’t usually do, like prosthetics and behavioral therapy. They also provide prescription drug coverage and a wellness plan for additional costs.

They don’t have an unlimited option. The upper annual limit is $ 15,000, which is the maximum they will pay in any year. This is not unlimited, but it is quite high. You can choose a minimum refund of 65%, while the maximum refund can go up to 90%. A lower repayment results in a lower monthly cost.

Their annual deductibles are incredibly customizable. You can choose from five different options, ranging from $ 100 to $ 1,000. Every year you don’t make a claim, your deductible decreases by $ 50.

Compared to other companies, Embrace is a bit more expensive. However, they cover more things so that you can find the slightly higher cost that is worth it. They also offer various discounts, including a 5% sterilizer / neutral discount, a 5% annual payment discount, and a 5% bank account payment discount.


  • It covers things like dentures
  • Many customization options
  • Optional wellness plan included
  • Several discounts are available


  • Known for denying claims for unrelated pre-existing conditions
  • No vets on staff who review complaints
  • Poor customer service

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Overview

Healthy Paws is one of the best insurance companies for cats and dogs. Their customer reviews are excellent. Many say they don’t argue about making complaints and paying quickly regularly. They raise their rates every year to offset the rising costs in your area. Depending on where you live, this can be quite expensive.

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They have no limits on their service which means they will continue to pay every year. Reimbursement is based on the actual cost of the veterinarian’s bill. Conditions and diseases have no limits of any kind. You can file complaints about any covered condition as often as you like.

The company includes services such as advanced testing, surgery, hospital admissions, and prescription medications. They also cover emergency care. They also cover hip dysplasia, as long as it is not a pre-existing condition.

This company works on a reimbursement model. The client pays the vet upfront and then the company reimburses him for the cost. However, if the client cannot prepay the bill, they can call Healthy Paws and pay the vet’s bill directly.


  • Unlimited Benefit Limits
  • It includes things like advanced tests, surgeries, and hospital admissions
  • Refund model
  • Only 15 days of waiting
  • 3 days response time


  • No wellness options
  • Costly

What are the differences between Embrace and Healthy Paws?


Edge: Hug

Embrace allows pet owners to choose coverage for multiple medical bills, including wellness exams. They also cover exam fees, behavioral therapies, and things like prosthetic limbs. Healthy Paws doesn’t cover any of these things.

The hug is the clear winner here.

Request a refund

Edge: healthy paws

Healthy Paws has a faster payback time and generally tends to pay more. They pay more and pay more often. Healthy Paws usually only takes about three days to pay the refund. However, it takes Embrace eight to nine days to accept or deny a claim.

Price of the Policy

Edge: Neither

We recommend that you visit both companies’ websites to get a quote, as a lot is going on in each company’s pricing. The only way to know which one will be most convenient for you is to go check. Many people claim that Embrace is the more expensive option. However, after checking various citations, we did not find that this was always the case.

For this reason, we could not give either company an advantage.


Edge: Hug

Embrace offers more customization options. There are many annual highs to choose from, from $ 5,000 to $ 30,000. They also offer a variety of repayment options and annual deductibles.

Healthy Paws offers fewer deductible options. They provide unlimited claims for all plans, which can be good or bad. You never have to worry about an annual limit, but you can’t lower the annual limit to reduce the monthly cost either. They also limit some deductibles depending on the age of your pet.

Customer service

Edge: healthy paws

Based on our research, Healthy Paws customers were more satisfied with their customer service. They have rave reviews on the internet that speak of their fantastic customer service.

On the other hand, Embrace seems difficult to obtain. They have reasonably limited hours, and many people have complained that their agents seem to only read from a script. The hug seems to have more negative reviews than positive ones.

Healthy paws easily won in this situation.

What users say

In general, customers seemed much happier with Healthy Paws than with Embrace. Many complained that Embrace denied the claims. Customers seem to think that Embrace does everything possible to avoid complaints. Many reported that they would claim unrelated conditions as pre-existing, even when there was no connection.

For example, one customer claimed that her dog developed kennel cough as a puppy. Later in life, the dog developed a second cough. The company would not pay because the dog previously had a cough.

On the other hand, Healthy Paws pays the vast majority of its claims in a reasonably short period. There have been some reports of Embrace taking three months to decide whether or not they would have something covered.

Due to the huge differences in reputation, we had to put a lot of weight on customer reviews for this article.


Healthy Paws is the clear winner. If you’re looking for accident and injury coverage, get Healthy Paws. The only problem is that they don’t offer any wellness options. Embrace does, even if it doesn’t offer much value in the end. However, they do offer it, so they may be your best option if you’re looking for wellness coverage.

Overall, Healthy Paws appears to be paying their customers when they file a complaint. Embrace denies complaints very quickly and takes a long time to come to a paid decision. Since you are looking to file a claim and get paid by your insurance, we highly recommend that you go with Happy Paws.

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