Increased women truck driver safety improvement with Patriot Pneumatic

Despite coping with the truck driver shortages in the truck driving industry, it is a challenge to offer the appropriate safety, flexibility, and independence to the women’s truck driving workforce. Although women make up around 51% of the population in the US being a women truck driver in a male-regulated trucking profession always possesses a typical set of challenges.

Most importantly, women truck drivers need to think differently from men regarding their personal safety, job security, and hygiene. Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems provides some unique ways to bring in the right framework for sustaining the women truck driver safety improvement procedures.

What can be the Different Measures to attract More Women Truck Drivers?

Work-Life Synergy with Right Carrier Company

Sustaining the balance or synergy between the work and lives of women drivers is vital in recruiting the women workforce in the driving profession. Transporters should be picked based on the values they offer to the women truckers and understands the challenges and safety concerns that the women face. Besides, maintaining coordination with the fleet manager is imperative for assuring the work-life balance justified for the women drivers.

Approach Other Women Drivers

For the women workforce, it would be sensible to keep in touch with other women truckers on the road and create a network of women colleagues. This essential network can back each other when they face any impediments in the truck driving ventures. Besides, as a woman can better understand another woman than anyone else, so it is judicious to interact with groups like Women in Trucking, and address such truck driving issues.

Renewed Women-Specific Truck Designs

With changing times, truck manufacturers and carrier companies are increasingly sustaining to designs inside their trucks that are specific to the women drivers. They are renewing their truck layouts and offering custom-based cabin designs such as, adaptable foot pedal height, which can match the average height of the women workforce. Hence, such women-centric designs and specifications can encourage more women in the trucking profession.

How Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems improves the Safety of Women Truck Drivers?

Enhanced Contentment in Driving with Mobility

Coming with the benefit of automated pneumatic landing gear and rear stabilizer, the truck drivers, especially the women truck personnel can manage their driving and other operations of load and unload with much ease. Without being exhausted, the women truckers, and those above 50 years can control their trucks operating just with their fingers, while eliminating the need for any manual labour.

Again, no formal training is required to operate such automated pneumatic gears, which can lift an astounding 60,000 lbs in mere 10 seconds. Hence, with such ease of maneuverability in loading and unloading along with, more women joining the truck driving industry is only a matter of time.

Moreover, such automated pneumatic gears keep the women truck drivers active throughout the day, as they require the least maintenance. Herein, they can also venture for some additional bucks with extra driving missions. Further, the truck companies also offer add-on incentives to satiate the women truckers with needful motivation for sustaining their truck driving profession.

Hours-Of-Service Encourages Women Truckers

With the advent of such pneumatic automatic gears, working hours-of-service (HOS) have also changed. As directed by the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the HOS is stipulated up to 11 hours per day for truckers, irrespective of age or gender, wherein they can only return to duty after 10 continued hours of adequate rest. Therefore, with such strict laws in place, drivers can stay alert and awake, while accomplishing their driving missions, and remain happy with their driving profession.  

Increased Occupational Safety

Such automated pneumatic On-Lift landing and On-Load stabilizer gears, make the driving profession of women drivers more systematic and relaxing. These unique systems considerably mitigate the effects of muscular strains, backaches, and bruises that were more common before the automation was introduced. Hence, with beneficial personalised safety systems in trucks, women truck drivers automatically develop their impetus to work competently.  

Latest Automation Minimise Accidents and Driver Scarcity

Yet another advantage of the latest pneumatic automation acts as a stimulus in recruiting and sustaining more women truck drivers, is the decreasing rate of accidents. With no manual loading and unloading jobs, there is a sharp reduction in road disasters that were earlier a real cause of anxiety. Hence, with the least human involvement and increased mechanised truck functionalities, the scarcity of drivers can be sorted out with augmented productivity happening in the least time.

Final Verdict

Consequently with such women-specific advantages, and the launch of pneumatic automation gears, the transportation industry is initiating revolutionary approaches in women truck driver safety improvement methods more effectively and supported with better synchronisation.

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