Inside the Bizarre Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Inside the “Bizarre” Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial: Muffins, Gummy Bears and a Vaping Witness

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s ongoing legal battle has become a social media sensation. See the now-viral courtroom moments that left people scratching their heads.

All eyes are on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s ongoing legal battle, as well as the strange moments defining it.

Five years after their breakup, Depp is going head-to-head with his ex-wife in a Virginia courtroom over a Washington Post essay Heard penned back in 2018, in which she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Although she never mentioned Depp by name in the article, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s attorneys have argued in court documents that Heard’s op-ed was part of an “elaborate hoax” created “to advance her career.” Heard is countersuing her former husband for $100 million.

And while the Depp’s defamation trial against Heard has unearthed some shocking revelations, it has also made people say “hmmm.” For one, the courtroom—including the judge presiding over the case—was flummoxed when a pre-recorded deposition that showed a witness vaping from the inside of his car was played for the jury.

Not to mention an odd exchange between Heard’s attorney and a witness for Depp about who specifically brought muffins for the Aquaman actress on the day of her clinical evaluation. (And if you’re wondering: Yes, they actually spent time in court breaking it down.)

Here are the moments from Depp and Heard’s trial that left people perplexed.

Little Black Book
On April 27, Depp was spotted carrying a notebook marked “Built to Last” and decorated with a green figure wearing a crown on its cover. Those following the court case online noticed that the actor often drew in the notebook during breaks, with one Twitter user writing that it was “actually so heartwarming” to see.

Real-Life Willy Wonka
Was this a case of life imitating art? Throughout the trial, Depp was photographed with small piles of confections on his desk, including gummy bears and jellybeans. At one point, camera footage from the legal proceedings captured the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor handing what appeared to be candy to someone in the courtroom.

Pre-Court Playlist
In a video captured outside of the courthouse, Depp was seen stepping out of his car as “Exodus” by Bob Marley loudly played on its speakers. He then quipped to the cameraperson, “Back in the little room again.”

When the footage made its way online, social media users didn’t hold back on expressing their thoughts about Depp’s choice in music. “Johnny Depp blasting ‘Exodus’ by Bob Marley to the defamation trial is a big vibe,” one Twitter user wrote, while another tweeted that they had watched the clip “about 20x…it just never gets old.”

Vaping Witness
The courtroom was left perplexed on April 27 after a pre-recorded video deposition of Alejandro Romero, the front desk attendant at Depp and Heard’s former Los Angeles apartment building. The conversation showed him vaping from the inside of a car as he gave his statement, before driving away while continuing to answer questions. In a candid remark, Heard’s attorney called it “the most bizarre deposition.”

The judge agreed. “I just got to say, I’ve never seen that before,” Judge Penney Azcarate replied. “I’ve seen a lot of things, but I’ve never seen that.”

Depp’s Doodles
During his court appearance on April 27, Depp was seen drawing something on a post-it note before passing it to his lawyer. In a video footage of the exchange, Depp’s attorney put on his glasses to examine the sketch and nodded as the Pirates of the Caribbean star whispered something in his ear.

One fan tweeted, “crying over Johnny Depp’s lawyer looking at his doodle like a proud dad.”

Similar Styles
Eagled-eyed social media users noticed that the former couple had been wearing similar-looking suits and near-identical ties throughout the trial, prompting some to suspect that Heard “intentionally recreated” Depp’s look as a subtle message.

“Man Amber Heard is literally playing with Johnny Depp’s mind in the court room copying his outfits the next day, copying every move he makes,” one Twitter user wrote. Meanwhile, another chimed in, “Can we talk about how Amber Heard is literally mocking Johnny every day in court,” adding, “Whatever he wears, she copies the NEXT DAY.”

E! News reached out to Amber’s rep for comment but did not hear back.

Muffins on the Mind
Social media users were fascinated with a discussion about muffins as Dr. Shannon Curry, a clinical and forensic psychologist who was hired by Depp’s legal team to evaluate Heard, took the stand. When Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft, in an attempt to sort out Curry’s testimony, asked the psychologist if her husband had brought the Aquaman actress baked goods on the day of her evaluation, Curry replied, “May I clarify what occurred so we can stop talking about the muffins?”

Curry went on to explain that she was running late that day and had asked her husband “to pick up the muffins for me” from a local bakery for the office, not specifically for Heard.

“He brought the muffins back to the house. I brought them into the office. Ms. Heard and I enjoyed the muffins together,” Curry said. “I think I made a comment to her along the lines of ‘my husband got these for us today,’ meaning he purchased the muffins we are now enjoying them because of him.”

The bizarre exchange led to numerous TikTok videos, with some comparing it to the “Muffin Man” interrogation scene in Shrek.

Khloe Kardashian Reacts After Dwayne Johnson Admires Her Wax Figure’s Butt
Khloe Kardashian is down to be the butt of this joke! See what the reality star said after Dwayne Johnson’s hilarious comments about her Madame Tussauds wax figure.

Khloe Kardashian’s wax figure kicks serious Dwayne Johnson butt.

When the former professional wrestler stopped by the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds wax museum on April 27 to see check out his new likeness, he shared some lighthearted commentary about the Good American CEO’s wax model, which was positioned right beside his.

“I gotta introduce you to my neighbor,” he said in the viral TikTok video while walking over to Khloe’s figure. He then posed next to the wax statue and flashed his infamous lifted eyebrow. “I mean guys, look at that. We look kind of cool together, right?”

However, the Red Notice actor, 49, noticed that Khloe’s figure—which was dressed in a black lace tank top and blue jeans—offers a little more in the wax butt department than his does.

“Wait a second,” he said while panning the camera from the reality TV star’s wax backside over to his. “I mean guys, that’s amazing.”

He then asked the museum officials if they could “add a little bit more to my glutes,” adding, “Give me some glutes, like that!”

Khloe, 37, reposted The Rock’s hilarious TikTok video to her Instagram Stories on April 27, writing, “Looks like I am in INCREDIBLE company!!! Yessss @therock.” She also said that she was “crying” laughing and noted that the museum “hooked me up” when Dwayne mentioned the size of the wax figure’s butt.

Dwayne’s Madame Tussauds surprise appearance comes a month after his figure was unveiled. The Jumanji actor’s wax model—dressed in a khaki vest, matching pants and a white patterned button-up—stands in front of a decked-out bar full of his tequila brand, Teremana.

Maybe Khloe’s wax figure can share her secrets with Dwayne’s look-a-like over a few glasses of Teremana?

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